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How to keep youth after thirty?

Perhaps, near that place, where do you live, are some charming corner with natural medical sources. I recommend to you to think of it when you make plans for the next holiday. It is not necessary to go far to have a rest. Rest in the resort is useful to each woman. Such rest promotes preservation of health, forces and beauty. And it is even absolutely enough two weeks to regenerate a tired organism.

Try to look always for thirty years.

In old times was considered that after thirty it is not obligatory for woman to be beautiful any more, it is enough to be dobra. Now everything changed. The modern woman does not wish to refuse attractive appearance even if it had grandsons. Considering early marriages which our children, forty-year-old grandmothers conclude not a rarity now. And experts say that after the woman crossed a thirtieth anniversary boundary, she ceases to grow old until her organism is not tired of eternal fight for preservation of youth and itself will not tell “enough!“. Till the same time it can be considered as a thirty-year-old.

To be pleasant, the woman should not be only young and beautiful. It has to be wise and lovely, has to be capable of friendly feelings, possess life experience, has to be elegant, well-groomed. It is required from it also that it was tactful, was able with a message charm conversation and to patiently listen to the interlocutor. As you understand, all this knowledge cannot be acquired in twenty years.

The woman who crossed a thirtieth anniversary threshold gained many positive lines, however, having lost those advantages which are inseparably linked with youth. She begins to feel already the fatigue from the vital duties, hardly keeps the good figure and at a stare in a mirror notes the first wrinkles. She is not able to afford to be not brushed any more, is tired quicker, its organism needs bigger quantity of a dream and is indignant when it incorrectly spends the forces. Preservation of a young fresh look at this age depends on many factors, and, first of all on health and continuous self-checking.

You will tell me that it is very tiresome. Certainly. But you will not find any “star“ which would not pay determined price for the beauty and a young-looking look in counting of calories at meal, time spent at a cosmetics bag, the hairdresser, the masseur. I do not try to incline you at all to that you spent big money for maintenance of in shape. On the contrary, I want to offer you several recipes how to make so that your fresh look was contrary to what is written in your metrics.

Recipe of I. Some women can have about forty years unpleasant changes connected with hormonal “indignations“. At a number of women, especially at those which in youth did not neglect cakes, coffee and wine the liver can “be indignant“. Avoid as fire, complaints, moaning, painful grimaces, emergence at the husband and children in which - as the tied dressing gown, uniting all this an ill health. If you badly feel once a month, then your house will concern to you with sympathy, will tiptoe, carrying out all your desires. But if such situation begins to repeat very often, they gradually will begin to reflect: can be, you begin to grow old? Believe me, nothing so ages the woman as talk on diseases. If really something disturbs you, see a doctor, conduct examination, you are treated, keep to a diet.

Recipe of II. Forget that since your wedding there passed 15 years. Try to keep the house the same atmosphere what was in it in the first years of your marriage. Avoid scandals and quarrels as they carry away your appeal. Forty years are any more not that age when the anger gave to cheeks a flush, and to eyes - gloss.

All know that in some days of month you feel not really well. At this particular time do not give themselves to provoke to quarrels, be protected. You are irritated by noise in the house, the things and other trifles scattered everywhere? Refuse remarks it seems: “You and will remain inaccurate until the end of life!“. Instead of quarreling, you descend on small walk.

Recipe of III. You do not stay at home all the time. Look for societies of people of one with you age or is younger. Do not surround yourself with people, is much more senior than you on age because you will not notice how you will become similar to them. Try to treat friendly youth, to understand its interests, not to criticize her dances. And if invites you to dance the son`s companion, try to represent a samba, a mamba or some other fiery dance, and not just a traditional tango.

Recipe of IV. The consciousness that else it is possible to gain some new knowledge which will be useful further perfectly affects health and prolongs youth. Never you say that you are already old to learn a foreign language, to learn to sew, knit on spokes etc. I know women who go with the daughters to English courses or French, together with them learn foreign words and are full of hopes that sometime they will go to excursion abroad to use this knowledge. It in much bigger degree rejuvenates, than the most expensive cream.

Recipe of V. Fall in love. Do not think that I decline you to something bad. I just suggest to be not indifferent, actively and emotionally to participate in all that surrounds you. The person for whom everything is indifferent has not only gray life, but also gray appearance. If you consider that it is difficult to be after so many years of a matrimony in love with own husband, transfer the feelings to grandsons. Find a little time to be delighted from a bouquet of flowers, standing in a show-window of flower shop, the sky reflected in a smooth surface of the lake or river. In a word, notice all fine, interesting, unusual. The indifference adds to us, at least, 10 years so be protected from it till a late old age.

Recipe of VI. Keep moderation in everything - in clothes, in a make-up, in a manner to laugh. To look young does not mean at all to wear bright dresses, to be painted as “star“ before performance, loudly to laugh loudly. What you have to remember all the time, so it very accurate hairdress. If you dye the hair, then it is impossible to assume that among them the gray hair sliped. The negligent hairdress gives a charm to the young girl and increases age of the woman who crossed a thirtieth anniversary threshold.

Do not hide the wrinkles (there`s nothing to be done, they sometime have to develop) under more and more thick layer of powder, but carefully look after the person. Instead of buying one more blouse or one more bag (when two still new lie in a case), visit at least once in a month beauty shop.