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Birthday for the beloved grandmother.

to my beloved grandmother are 70 years! On it you will not tell it. Somehow they with girlfriends went to a gym to excursion. Two days later she refused to take to nurse with the great-grandson, it seems as the back hurts. The reason is surprising, only Mar Sergevna so can: she tried all exercise machines! In 69 years! And absolutely sincerely was surprised when the back ached after that.

My grandmother - very active, business woman. She is strict and severe, is cheerful and clockwork, but always - is very vigorous, resourceful and original. And still she likes to sing, dance, joke, writes verses. On the anniversary she decided to bring together so many friends and relatives that without restaurant in any way. And invited me to a role of the leader - the darling and the only granddaughter (the others - grandsons).

I responsibly approached drawing up the scenario - and first of all typed “the scenario on anniversary“ in Yandex. I think, everyone faced such delivery - it seems, all much, and in fact nothing approaches. I rejected 90% of competitions and 99% of poems. Everything so artificially, unnaturally, is worn out - I will not be afraid of this word! Which - that, nevertheless, took into consideration - and brought to the grandmother on audit. She eliminated some more competitions and spoke categorically against praises to the birthday woman in any kind. What at us remained? 3 competitions and one poem with the limping rhythm. the Poem I more - corrected

less. Very much there thoughts correct, well directly about the grandmother.

As to us the fact that at us at heart is difficult to Put into words today


is known to all that songs, with verses

not to surprise Mar Sergevnu already.

passed Years, the head turned gray,

is A lot of cares and alarms behind,

Only what business to age,

If a warm heart in a breast!

I will read it at the very beginning of evening. You represent, there are no words “congratulate“ and “I wish“! Health, happiness and the peace sky over the head.

We edited competitions and added.

First competition. For many years firm friendship and acquaintance to the birthday woman we could learn her character, habits, and also, I think, are informed on those events that occurred in her life. So, we hold a quiz on a rank of best “maruseved“. Questions it seems:

- What favourite dish at the birthday woman?

- In what sport at the birthday woman is the category?

- What crooner or the singer is pleasant to the birthday woman? Here guess, Philip Kirkorov or Lev Leshchenko? I doubt that I will hear the correct answer during the holiday. The favourite singer at the grandmother - Vadim Mullerman, here is how! For the first time in life I hear this name.

And in general my grandmother loves classical music, especially if listening accompanies the interesting story. And I very much wanted to give for it a musical gift - to invite the living actor! Unfortunately, it is unreal - in that district where there lives the grandmother, there are no such actors. But it is possible to beat this idea differently especially as the granny - the lover of draws. Here imagine, the violinist enters the hall, gets up to the microphone and executes V. Monti`s “Czardas“. And only closer to the end he as - would make a slip, and all find out that it played under a soundtrack. The soundtrack and video (as it is more correct to drive a bow) can be found in free access in

the Internet, at me just is.

Besides during the holiday favourite grandmother`s songs will be surely sung.

Further - a cheerful dance music, including “Gipsy dance“ and “Chastushkas endlessly“. You know such way of execution? In our district it is very popular - anyone jumps out in a circle and begins to sing a chastushka while the others touch memory that to them it to sing.

peculiar “marathon“ turns out.

The second competition - Each guest asks - that you think of the birthday woman? The guest extends from a basket the curtailed leaf with the text and reads aloud with expression, for example:

- do not teach me to live, and give money better.

- You sometimes afford too much.

- we Appreciate your wit.

- is Also glad there is no wish to tell and flatter! Etc.

Is entertainment we chose for its tactfulness. As I noticed, in the modest companies a similar pulling of notes - the most comfortable for guests, not everyone is capable to act safely, to joke adequately.

And the third - “back in the childhood“. We burst a bottom balls, we perform tasks, we win prizes. I ask to notice that this competition was offered by Maria Sergeyevna! In 70 years, astride a ball - I am not tired to be surprised.

I do not prescribe the accurate scenario to myself, I think, on the course of evening I will orient. The main thing - to prepare soundtracks, a dance music (a playlist too the grandmother helped to make


And still we on tables will have wine bottles with a label:

“ Avroretto - 70 Harvests of 1940“, because a surname of my grandmother - Avrorova!