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Expo 2010, Shanghai. How to make laugh god?

Speak to make laugh god, it is necessary to tell him about the plans. Surprisingly, but the world exhibition of the Expo 2010 in Shanghai tries to solve this excessive problem.

More than 200 countries presented the models of the future, having concentrated on the subject “The Best City - the Better Life!“, “Better City, Better Life!“. The exhibition purpose - to investigate the capacity of the city of the 21st century. Today 51,2% of the population live in the cities.

Big and small settlements, the cities - giants face serious problems of health protection, safety of work, the economic and social factors reducing quality of life.

The world exhibition of the Expo 2010 proposes the conceptual solution of these problems by means of modeling of the cities of the future. The exhibition represents gallery of human inspiration and thought, drawing attention of the governments and people from around the world.

And how Shanghai resolves issues of development of city life? Population of the city of nearly 20 million people. Now Shanghai - the largest economic center of China. The most beautiful megalopolis. Pearl of east hemisphere. Grown from a fishing small village, with the richest history, it absorbed many cultures and found shape of “the citizen of the world“. It very Chinese and at the same time unlike other Chinese cities.

In former times Shanghai was the city of adventurers, sailors, socialists, players, dealers in opium and opium addicts. City of child prostitution and slave child labor. The favorable arrangement and proximity to waterways allowed citizens to develop domestic and foreign trade actively. During different eras was called also “East Paris“, and “the Whore of Asia“.

Than Shanghai is remarkable? Richness of styles, improbable combination of the structures which became a symbol of colonial heritage, and modern infrastructure. Eras and styles harmoniously adjoin nearby with each other. Ancient Buddhist temples, ancient pagodas - and skyscrapers of an intricate asymmetric form. Narrow small streets in old part of the city - and many-tier highways.

Motley furniture of the areas and variety of transport. Near modern cars bicycles and motor scooters easily get on. All of them can stand on one strip, without interfering with each other. Especially courageous motorcyclists try to overtake bulky cars. Surely signal, warning drivers to be attentive and, maneuvring between them, rush to the following traffic light.

Shanghai is filled with different sounds. The puffing, hooting, ringing signals. Vanity of moving crowd on wide streets. And, of course, faces of people... Carefree, sad, concentrated, sometimes ridiculous. Everyone lives in the set rhythm. People transfer mood. Someone gives a smile, and you smile in reply.

Looking at the faces, slowly listening to the speech, walking without haste and desire to embrace immensity, it is possible to comprehend Shanghai. The city comes to life at night. On streets fires burn, buildings shine. The colourful sparkling show-windows, roads lit with fires of lamps, the trees covered with garlands of luminescent bulbs.

People hurry. Who home, who in clubs, and someone just walks on streets. The feeling of a holiday reigns. Differently - motley, noisy passersby cover with a wave sidewalks, cross roads, enter, leave shops, bars, clubs.

Which - where the look grasps the musicians who settled directly in the middle of sidewalks. They create a peculiar scene and deafen passersby by a roar of synthesizers. Someone in a corner pulls an abstruse national melody on a string instrument. For everyone to be listeners. Here and there dealers scurry about. Importunate guys or girls offer different Chinese goods.

The main sight of Shanghai - Huanp River Embankment. Skyscrapers lengthways to Huanp are similar to the museums of foreign architecture and are especially beautiful at night. They are similar to the fantastic burning mosaics with the domes going to the sky.

When in the sky float clouds, the spike of a television tower reminds a yard of the ship which pierced an iceberg.

Such feeling as if turned the picture top legs or you are at an ocean floor. The icebergs, easy, air float over you. And the absolute unification …

the Exhibition works with the world from May 1 to October 31, 2010. Shanghai creates the world of the future.

Who knows? Perhaps it will also manage to participants and organizers to make the world it is better.