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On what it is more favorable and more convenient to translate the text???

Today, the need in translation of the text, words, phrases is not so strong as it could be earlier. Here other problem lodged absolutely: now it is much more important - translation quality.

Can install on the computer the translator, by itself, the quality is better, the more there will be its price. But, despite all this whatever it was he all the same will not be able to cope with all loading assigned to it and where - nibud yes will translate incorrectly.

If to mention online - translators, then and occur among them paid, but translation quality is much worse here.

Even more gloomy the situation is with all programs for the translation on similarity of ICQ - boats. Here you should consider much more moments.

From can draw a conclusion here that you will not achieve a high-quality translation by means of specialized programs. But if business went to that, it is recommended to use at the same time several programs.

If blindly not to count on the automated translator, and all - most to interfere with translation process, then it will be much easier, more conveniently and quicker than to dig in the dictionary.

For definitely high-quality translation it is necessary to address the expert, of course, it is necessary, will pay money, but you will not have not what problems any more and there will be faultlessly ready work. Presently will not be difficult to find the competent person ready to start working of this sort. During the work with the expert to you, of course it is necessary to pay constantly work on each order if you often need the translation, then it can cost a pretty penny, but from you except payment will not be required not what efforts, and for programs of translators you will need to buy only once a key, but you constantly should make the efforts for the sake of the faultless translation, and it in the presence of knowledge in the field.

to choose what way for you the most favorable will be required to estimate your knowledge of a foreign language, and the translation requires to establish what purposes. For example, for the educational purposes it is senseless to order the translation from the expert, and you will perfectly manage the means and will continue to improve the knowledge. If the translation is required for any responsible actions and to you translation quality, than a way of its receiving, then to you, undoubtedly is much important, the master is necessary.

Even if the translation for you is not of big importance, it is not recommended to use all ICQ - boats and similar means, in this case it is better to use specialized programs. so to solve in what way you want to translate

I, it is necessary to reflect, you will master the translation, relying only on insignificant support of translation programs, and it is also necessary to estimate importance of the translation. And having analysed all situation to try above-mentioned methods.