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Whether it is easy to make butter in house conditions?

the Best breakfast for me - still fresh rye bread with butter, especially if it house, just brought down with what the grandmother in the far childhood treated me.

Now such oil can be tried only at the few owners of a farmstead - easier to go and buy in shop. However ways of preparation of butter in house conditions are forgotten for the present not everywhere.

As did butter in our villages and villages only several decades ago? I will tell those who do not know it.

The old grandmother`s way of preparation of butter is known since ancient times - by means of the simple adaptation called by a milkchurn. I represented it on memory here (you look in drawing). The matter is that home-made butter is not cooked on a plate, namely forced down manually.

Of what butter in house conditions is made? Initial raw materials is whole cow`s milk, and it is better cream or sour cream. You ask how many time needs to force down milk to receive oil? I do not know precisely as the situation with milk is, but my grandmother in the mentioned milkchurn for one and a half - forced down two hours from 3 - 4 liters of cream of 1 kilograms of oil.

Process of preparation of butter at it took place as follows.

At first there was a knocking down stage, that is the continuous movement of a pestle in a milkchurn up - down. I to it was not allowed because of the early childhood. Then contents of a milkchurn poured out in a basin with cold well water. The oil which emerged on a surface gathered a big wooden spoon and densely kept within special wooden molding with a cunning bottom (you watch drawing of this device). Molding was covered and put for the night on cold in a glacier. And in the morning the grandmother took out from her kilogram whetstone of butter of unusually gentle taste.

She called the transparent liquid which remained after oil knocking down “butterdish“. In the childhood to me gave it to drink. It is nice to the taste. But generally “butterdish“ went on a feeding up to the cow and a pig living at us in economy.

Our neighbor Nikolay, at that time the driver of regional milk plant, thought up other way to churn butter, and without any efforts. It was necessary to go to it by the truck all day on country roads, jumping up on each pothole.

Early in the morning, having loaded on a collective-farm farm, Nikolay put in the car a keg with the milk and threw into it a pure birch plate. It was attached by a string to a keg cover. The plate in it jumped up - “tryukh - plyukh, tryukh - plyukh, tryukh - plyukh“ … In two hours, approaching the regional center, Nikolay stopped, got into a body and took out a decent lump of already ready butter from the keg.

Yes, one more important detail: grandmother`s milkchurn as well as the plate at Nikolay, was made of birch wood. Thanks to this pure natural material oil had always a fresh smell and it well remained.

You ask: whether it is possible to churn butter in the food processor or the mixer? Probably, it is possible. But the oil prepared in house conditions in the manual way to taste is incomparable.

Probably, the power live gives it special characteristics.