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How to prepare eggplants economically?

Eggplants - favourite vegetable culture in our family. But as we have them expensive and happen not in so large numbers, for economy we act this way: we wash eggplants and we clear so that the thin skin was with pulp, that is is very thick. Thus, at us the semi-finished product for two preparations turns out at once.

Now it is possible to start preparations. Those and other eggplants require many onions and garlic (onions thinly we slice, it is possible half rings, straws or as it is pleasant to you more, we crush garlic, it is possible through a press), and also the paprika cut by straws.

Separately we brown onions and paprika. It is what will be required to us for both preparations. the Recipe 1

the Cleared eggplants we cut

stripes the size and thickness about a finger, we salt and we leave in capacity before emergence of juice (it needs to be made surely to clean excess bitterness from fruits).

Then eggplants we wring out also in lots it is fried in vegetable oil. We mix them with the prepared onions and paprika. We add dry spices (hop - sunel, a ground coriander, there is a little saffron), it is possible a few and to pepper, but not to be fond. We put capacity with eggplants on fire, we bring to boiling, we add to taste vinegar (best of all wine or table) and we lower garlic in weight.

Everything is well mixed and we display in banks. We put them to sterilize for 10 minutes, we roll up.

These eggplants taste like mushrooms.

the Recipe 2

In this recipe can dream as much as necessary, everything will be tasty and beautiful. For example, except paprika and onions, it is possible to add the browned carrots grated on a large grater or the tomatoes peeled, cut in cubes and spasserovanny on vegetable oil.

We cut a thin skin with pulp from the cleared eggplants in cubes and, having salted, we put in capacity. Then we wring out also in lots it is fried on vegetable oil. We mix with the prepared onions, paprika and small cut greens of parsley and cilantro.

We put capacity on fire, we bring to boiling, we add to taste wine or vinegar and garlic, we display in the prepared banks, we cover with covers and it is sterilized 10 minutes. We roll up.

If there is a cellar, then it is possible to store these eggplants (both look) and under kapron covers.

There is a question of quantity of products for preparations. And so, if I have, suppose, 2 kg of eggplants, then I take 1 kg of onions and paprika (in half on each look), 1 large head of garlic (or 2 small).

If I use tomatoes and carrots, then it at will, more or less, depending on your taste is possible.

Snack from eggplants

will be required to

For filling on 1 l of water on 2 tablespoons of salt and sugar, 1 tablespoon of 9% vinegar.

Eggplants to clear, cut circles and to put for an hour in water. Then to wring out, fry on vegetable oil.

In a pan to lay layers eggplants, garlic, fennel. To fill in with the prepared marinade, to close from above a cover and to put freight. 3 hours to take at the room temperature, then to clean in the refrigerator. In two days eggplants are ready. Bon appetit!

Of course! Eggplants not only are tasty in any kind, but also are extremely useful. Modern researches showed that the use of these vegetables reduces the content of cholesterol in blood therefore physicians and nutritionists recommend dishes from them as prevention and addition to the main treatment of many diseases.

Besides, eggplants - the ideal product for weight loss, “blue“ contains in 100 grams only 28 kcal, and cellulose with which they are so rich promotes removal from an organism of products of a metabolism and surplus of liquid.