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And the rain everything does not go?. A saying and a proverb for the aid to

U us costs that is called it is immovable this summer, an unprecedented heat, so strong that it seems as if you melt under the scorching beams flowing incessantly from a clear sky. And even “evenings do not bring a cool“. And therefore the moisture falling infrequently from the same sky is represented blessed.

Recently, to great pleasure, dozhdit several times in the course of the day, and and the hurricane passed in some areas. Just at this time it was necessary to go and go on the city and that is interesting: any person under an umbrella did not meet. People enjoyed and in literal sense “soaked“. So the sense of a national proverb “our happiness - a rain yes a bad weather“ turned over “upside down“, and passersby with pleasure held up faces to strong wind and large drops of a rain, but did not hide from them.

Also it zavspominatsya: and what else sayings connected with a rain were composed by the people? First of all, our ancestors quite often spoke of it respectfully, keeping saying “a rain - the supporter“; “even the sea loves a rain“; “it is raining, it will give rye“; “on a drop a rain, and the rain of the river gives to drink, the rivers the sea stands“; “when rain, then cool“ (here precisely!) . Or here held such remarkable statement national in remembrance: “person not clay, and rain not a cudgel“. And also playful “to be to a bad weather and the rain prevented“.

Compared its value to what is important for any and everyone: “The kind word to the person that a rain during a drought“. By the way, this saying contains very transparent hint on the fact that it, the rain, is good to the place, more precisely, at the right time. And therefore noted: “overdue council that the rain after a harvest“ and “in the spring a rain soars, and wets in the fall“. Perhaps, and I would bring the contribution in folk art: “Good that rain that goes not to a mowing“.

Treated also heavy rains with respect: “The drizzle will only dissolve dirt, and strong everything will wash up“. Also regretted when moisture dropped out insufficiently: “Not so much the rain poured how many the thunder rattled“; “wind big and rain small“. And still spoke: “To the fisherman rain not a hindrance“; “lovers of a rain do not notice“.

Quite often the image of a rain was used for the characteristic of the person, his feelings and behavior. For example, expression “not dispute is large a rain“ means, the person of impressive build is not brisk. Expostulated the careless owner: “When the roof proceeds then the rain goes“. By the way, taking into account a modern slang this allegory gets additional sense, obvious.

Daring valiant defined through a humourous catchphrase “the good fellow the rain will soak, the sun will dry up, winds are violent will comb curls“. Noticed? - A rain on the first place, as test. And the characteristic of firmness military did not do without this metaphor: “Fire prokalyat the soldier, the rain washes out, blows wind, and he all same is“.

The talker and the conceited person were “pripechatyvat“ words: “The rain is caused not by croak of a crow“. About unsightly and/or “overripe“, but the coquettish maiden responded: “There would be a beauty if not a rain yes not autumn dew“. A double-dealing fellow “the dog had a hut, the rain went, it also burned down“ caught the deceiver.

For receiving result expressed need of efforts so: “Without cloud the rain will not be, without people business will not become“. And the sincere grief was expressed a proverb: “On heart a bad weather, and the rain goes to buckets“.

* * *
Of course, it is not the full review of national sayings. The main thing - it shows respect for a rain, as well as for all natural phenomena. Because it was perceived as the benefit pouring through a heavenly sieve / sieve and if not at the right time went as punishment for sins. And during a present heat it is absolutely easy to us to join such relation, the truth?