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Whether it is necessary to fight against corruption in Russia?

Exist quite popular belief that it is impossible to win against corruption our country. Like, the mentality of Russians just means acceleration of any process through a bribe.

Let`s make mental experiment: imagine that tomorrow nobody in Russia takes bribes. The country, of course, will not fail at once. But all business and other life in perplexity will stop. Nobody will know how to solve suddenly arisen problems. Imagine the dolphin for years getting a small fish after pressing by a nose of the big red button. And here offer it fish, and there is no button! What in such cases is done by the cleverest animal on light? Looks for the button.

And the Russian citizens will fall into full frustration. To solve problems in our vessels - mother do not grieve. To go to those which on concepts? But also there too all suddenly became honest. As a result economy in a stupor. On roads infinite traffic jams from - for the GAI officers who are honestly making out uncountable protocols and not advanced at road accident. Officials do not work as do not know how to work in the conditions of recoilless economy. In houses light dies away, hot water disappears and the sewerage is hammered. In Russia even shit on pipes without kickbacks does not move.

Conclusion: corruption treatment is impossible in the surgical way.

All other methods of fight against corruption were already tested and showed the inefficiency. It would seem, there is no solution, and it, corruption, is an integral part of our life.

But actually the problem is solved very simply.

Any person going to work connected with taking of bribes signs the contract. In which undertakes to stay in places of confinement as much of time how many it stayed at work. Year in a year. Or to pay in any charity foundation N - yu the sum of money. The state receives free labor and builds the next Belomorkanal. Or solves social problems of the population through charity.

All have to sit or pay off, up to the President. Five years in the Kremlin - five years on Kolyma. Here it, formula of social justice. Here it, long-awaited national idea.

Still it is possible to suggest to use nanotechnologies fashionable now in fight against corruption. To each future corrupt official at employment in the head the chip is sewed. Took a bribe, in an organism splash in an andrenalin, the signal goes to tax department. Next morning receipt on payment of income tax.

All quickly and in a civilized way. Let`s throw Chubais on fight against corruption. Let`s strike with nanotechnologies bribery and sloppiness. Let`s send “United Russia“ to Kolyma full structure to extract gold now for the country. Let`s fill charity foundations with voluntary contributions from employees of traffic police, military registration and enlistment offices, fire inspectors and selling journalists!

As a result...

The more bribes, the budget is filled quicker, the economy develops more effectively. The paradoxical, apparently, situation turns out. It is necessary not to fight against corruption, and to extend it everywhere. And the one who does not take to hold bribes up to shame yet as not person interested to participate in development of the country and its message on the way of full progress. Having only in every possible way developed corruption up to kindergartens, we will be able to shoot ahead among a hostile capitalist environment and to catch up at last with Portugal which lately runs to us towards.

Corruption will save Russia. It is not necessary to fight more against it as it is not necessary to carry water in a colander. It is necessary to cherish it and to develop. Also there will be then to all of us a happiness.