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Use of a dictophone at communication with the employee of traffic police. The dictophone Is recommended to get

(or cellular with a dictophone), and include its every time as the inspector will wave to you with a “magic“ stick irrespective of, you for yourself feel guilty or not. While the inspector goes to the car, it is necessary to tell on a dictophone information on date and the place of a stop, for example: “Now 19 hours 20 minutes on August 1 it that years, intersection of Podvodnikov Street and Infantrymen“. The dictophone has to work at an extent of all conversation.

There is an opinion that it is not obligatory to swing a dictophone before the inspector at all. It can be placed, for example, in a breast shirt pocket. It is necessary to consider that situations happen different. In one case, in the middle of white day, and in the center of the big city. Yours | the dictophone only will guard the inspector and will remind him that good manners at conversation with the driver not so superfluous. In other case, on the route, long after midnight near the settlement of Gadyukino the dictophone can be regarded by the inspector as attempt to flight, with all consequences.

Legality of use of a dictophone (video) is regulated by the Order No. 185 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation point 25.

The employee should not interfere with use of the video and sound recording equipment by the participant of traffic if that is not forbidden by the legislation.

For those who will use film photoequipment for the prevention of illegal actions of staff of traffic police would like to dispel the myth about that. that police officers cannot be photographed According to the p. 4 of Art. 29 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation everyone has the right to freely look for, receive, transfer, to make and distribute information in any lawful way. The list of the data forbidding this action is defined by the federal law “About the state secret“ (Federal Law 5485 from 23. 06. 93 g). In which there is no word, about a ban of video filming of the roadside militiaman.

Use of video - the registrars established on forward part of “torpedo“ in case of lack of responsible violation, strongly simplify communication with the judge.

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