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Why all lie?

When us force to lie:

the Fear - generates lie as the lie, is the easiest way to keep the kind relations or to avoid punishment. The deceived people are involved in deception just because by means of fear, forced the person to hide the truth.

Children to be afraid to be punished, spouses are frightened by divorce, the worker is afraid of dismissal, the criminal does not wish to go to prison, the leader does not want to lose prestige. We are simply forced to lie to

, the truth threatens our wellbeing.

Nobody loves liars, but the people always telling the truth are just hated!

“Whom then love“ - you ask? The answer is obvious, love those who did not get on deception, that is professional liars.

destiny favors to Liars:

One more reason of lie is a banal benefit! it is hard for

of the Professional liar to convict. It has in a stock hundreds of arguments confirming his words. His lie always has a justification if to convict it of insincerity. The trustful person to become helpless before such professional as the rabbit looking in the face to a boa. The good liar has to believe that he speaks, then to him cannot be deceived even the lie detector.

Professional liars surround us everywhere, it is the category of the prudent people submitting life without wasting time for a sentimentality.

Why they lie?

to be successful sellers … To gain trust … Successfully to manipulate people …

Here several examples where the lie is an option of successful succession of events:

Many guys wishing to win the heart of the girl tell it what she wants to hear. Such heartbreakers can cajole at the same time about ten girls, but everyone will feel only. At the same time honest guys have no success in girls as at all the sincerity, simply are not interesting.

The good seller has no bad goods, he can successfully sell you a collar and galoshes, or will obviously hide shortcomings of these or those goods, having accurately covered them with several successful remarks.

In policy, the concept of sincerity, in general at all is absent as to tell the truth not diplomatically. And as for the simple people, here it is accepted to provide the truth only when to hide already senselessly and previously having veiled the facts.

And the most “humane“ storytellers, it is the parents who are carefully preserving children against the crafty word “TRUTH“!!! Mothers and fathers, sincerely believing in the lie, diligent rake over the coals to children, thus, doing them obedient and pliable.

Useful parties of lie:

Noble deception not only a prerogative of professionals in the field of the interpersonal relations, but also the tool of the real humanists whose motives consist in restoration of balance in the Universe. Consequences nobly of deception are always favorable.

The lie can serve as the shock-absorber, in a case when falling is inevitable. The successful escape from reality, can rescue the fragile human relations. Often, the owner of “the bitter truth“, would prefer to be deceived, but not to foreknow about it. Carnegie`s

advised it is more pleasant to say to people what they want to hear to us when we are supported, but do not expose our shortcomings on display.

of the Mistake, generated by lie:

stereotypes, hypocrisy, loss of the authority and trust of people around can be a Consequence of inept lie.

If the person lies often, and at the same time wastes time on trifles, it is calculated over time and instantly appropriate it a rank of “gas-bag“.

Nonprofessionals in the field of lie can cause damage to feelings of other person, they destroy the relations, and often not only the.

Self-interest as motive of lie, does not promise anything kind.


Inappropriate truth or mean deception, all this same extreme. The reasonable person with success uses words at discretion, and itself is responsible for them. We to people were granted the most interesting tool - the word.

Each separate case demands a certain approach in the ratio of the truth and lie. The major defining factor are motives of the person.

can Kill, hurt feelings, to benefit for itself both the truth, and lie.

Deception is useful if it is used as a security measure, but is dangerous if it is used as means of attack, attack, manipulation.

Time to reflect, what your motives???

The lie is nothing else as distortion of the real situation in this or that party.

Deception is always negatively perceived surrounding, obviously come across this rod is exposed in silly light. Nobody wants to look silly, therefore, nobody wants to be deceived. In objective aspect - it is truthful. But from the subjective point of view, deception has the advantages, and is very effective in skillful hands.

How was, each certain person independently decides when to use lie, and to it neither God, nor society, nor the law can forbid it it.

This your right!!!

I have a personal opinion, on a question: - “Why all lie“?

Is simple … at everyone “truth“!!!