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Why women are more talkative, than men?

“Women without men`s society fade, and men without female - grow stupid“ . (A. P. Chekhov)

“Female language - as a tail of a lamb, it never stops“ . (An old English saying) by

throughout many millennia it was noticed that men are less talkative in comparison with women. In all human civilizations and cultures of the woman were always more talkative, than men. Therefore definition “talker“ was strongly assigned to a female.

It is shown since the childhood. Girls begin to speak earlier, than boys, and in 3 years the lexicon at them twice - is three times more and they speak more clearly, than boys. It appears, in a brain of men there is no localized part which is responsible for the speech while at women is by each such part in each hemisphere. When the man speaks, he makes active all left hemisphere of a brain. Therefore women own the speech better and speak in comparison with men more.

Features of a brain allow women to do at the same time a little, not connected with each other, put and at the same time also to speak. And the man can do only one serious work at the same time. And if the man who can do two things at once meets, in the history it is noted as a miracle (the Roman emperor G. Yu. Caesar was it, for example).

Some scientists explain it with specialization of activity of men and women since prehistoric times. Men were hunters, and during hunting in the course there are more gestures, than words. And women were collectors, it was about what to talk both behind work, and after it. Besides, children women who spent much more time with them, than men learned to speak mainly.

And other scientists consider that in everything testosterone which since the childhood sends to thought of men absolutely to other party is guilty men`s hormone. So, the normal man at communication with the attractive woman thinks, as if to entice her in a bed somewhat quicker, and the woman concerning the attractive man - as it will call children from it. And she thinks of sex very little - not more often than once a day.

Women feel need for communication more, than men. At the same time not only the topic of conversation, but also the fact of a social involvement, manifestation of interest in itself are important for them. Women can tell all at the same time, and it demonstrates at them attention to interlocutors, about interest conversation. Men, on the contrary, require attention to the words and do not love when they are killed. And if they are killed by the man, then it speaks about his aggressive spirit, about disrespect for the interlocutor.

Women become talkative from surplus of oxytocin and serotonin - communication hormones. The woman, for example, spends for telephone conversation on average 20 minutes while the man - only 6. Property of emotional conversation inherent in women and more correct speech often helps them with business. It is noted that women achieve success in work thanks to three main qualities:

- to ability to gain the interlocutor, to build the correct line of conduct in relation to it, to accept non-standard, but effective decisions;

- to property to listen to the interlocutor that gives the chance to learn his real requirements, intimate dreams and the concealed ideas, and most optimum to offer goods or service;

- to ability to speak intelligibly, destroying by that barriers of intensity and coming into positive emotional contact with the interlocutor.

At the same time men try not to go deep in conversation into the interpersonal relations, and communicate at the level of strictly built arguments. And this dryness attracts not always and not all clients.

Emotional conversations for women is the best way “unload“ from the collected emotions towards evening. At the same time if the woman begins conversation with the man in the evening, is not obligatory to react rationally to it at all - usually is rather attentively to listen, and the woman will consider such man as the remarkable interlocutor. Speaking aloud about the problems and news which collected in a day which there is nobody was to share, the woman thereby reduces stress, and it becomes much easier for her. Therefore she considers such conversation obligatory and effective.

That is why in the USA most of patients of psychotherapists - women, as well as most of psychotherapists whom by special trainings taught to listen to other people. According to polls, most of women consider as the largest lack of the “fight - friends“ and husbands unwillingness to talk at the end of the day.

Well and, of course, the American science could not disregard this question and researches. She proved that women approximately by 3 times razgovorchivy men. Women in a day pronounce about 20 thousand words while men - from 7 to 13 thousand. Speech speed at women is higher, than at men, and often they speak only to hear the voice (I call it “the glukhariny song“). It appears, during talk, especially emotional and on interesting subjects, in a brain of women there are chemical reactions giving feelings of rise and satisfaction.

However, recently there were researches proving that men speak not less women: obviously, the American feminists came round and similar researches, and some “scientists“ right there quickly ordered them and carried out (obviously, on mice, rats and students of colleges). Well, God to them the judge, and will be possible to disprove multithousand-year experience of mankind hardly.

Therefore, men, as if you neither were tired and by what a burden nor were overloaded, in the evening, meeting the darlings, show to them attention, listen to them, talk to them. Also there will be to you a benefit, and in heaven blessing, and wellbeing in family life. And they - that as will be happy! And leave the problems for later (all the same children and grandsons will not let think). Amen!