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Russian Railways. Who is loved, and who is not present?

If are honest, then this thought at me arose only this year at a trip by train from Kirov to Simferopol. Before I went to the Crimea too, but, nevertheless, did not pay attention to one thing - what is gone to people to a compartment with emergency windows? Also regularity is right there shown - yet did not feel on himself, do not think of it at all.

So, the person comes into a compartment of a couchette car and sees that the window does not open as it emergency (those are made in the third and sixth compartment). And what in such situation to do to it, especially, if the car quite old and in the car is not present conditioners at all? 36 hours to go and die of a heat and on all blood money to buy water for one hundred rubles for liter and veer at the station? As a matter of fact, more options at people also do not remain - on the South - what is wanted and many close eyes to inconveniences in the train. And many - only on the way forward.

And here on the way back the biggest problems just also begin - after two weeks of holiday of people gets to a similar dushegubka again, and, I will honestly tell, all impressions and feelings about rest vanish in such bath. And who is guilty of it? Of course those who provide cars, that is Russian Railways. There is a question: what we pay huge money for? For the inconvenience given us?

And the most important, on the one hand clear, on the other hand unfair - new and best cars give to Moscow and only Moscow! Even Petersburg trains, and that some old, and here those which go on Moscow or from Moscow - the most modern, with all conveniences and conditioners, sometimes even in couchette cars. In this regard and there is a wish to repeat the phrase: “There is Moscow, and there is Russia“.

And also it is possible to dig more deeply the phrase told in one of series of the popular telecast our Russia: “It only we know what is the top bokovushka at a toilet in the train Tuapse - Vladivostok“. The hint can be noticed, of course, not only on inconvenience in such place and huge distance between data of the city here. The matter is that even if such train also is, it will hardly pass through Moscow and to do a huge loop, and in general to Moscow has no relation. Therefore conditions there by definition have to be not the best.

And in general, dear readers and passengers of trains, you did not notice that there is a tendency to improvement of conditions to Muscovites, and to the others all do not have business? For example, the same train Kirov - Simferopol, till 2008 went not through Moscow, and just across Moscow area, and went, by the way, slightly quicker. But two years ago someone needed to fasten and unhook the Moscow cars there that is somehow strange as at them the train to the capital of the Crimea goes. And the prices same, but conditions - the sky and the earth!

And what in such cases to do when all for the benefit to residents of the capital? Frankly speaking, there is a lot of options. Or most to move to Moscow conveniently to go on the South, or to demand from the Russian Railway of normal cars another, at least to the large cities. So always at our state. Money for the Olympic Games is, on carrying out a WC - 18 is where to us at all hardly that shines, but on that people moved on the world on the railroad in good conditions - is not present! Crisis whether you see. Would be engaged in arrangement of the country, and not just Moscow better! And business concerns not only Railway, but also only in general. Sport, culture, salaries.

A conclusion from this follows idle time: still St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod love only Moscow, at most. The others let both want, and live on what they can, and go by that. And there is a strong wish to believe that in the next years 10 something will change to the best.