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FIFA or PES. Immemorial dispute of two irreconcilable competitors. So who whom?

Very many people argue presently what of games is better: FIFA from the American EA or Pro Evolutions Soccer from the Japanese KONAMI? Each of them has advantages and the shortcomings. Let`s consider them in details.

Concerning opponents of FIFA older series of games which first versions began to appear at the end of 90 - x years on such platforms as Sega. In those days this toy was played by all who were not indifferent to soccer, and the reasons were two. The first: at the end of the last century FIFA had no competitors. The second: in total - by those years, developers made game quite qualitatively (unlike our days, but about it later).

Gradually began to pass a child of the company which released a lot more interesting games in the USA to PC, and at first it seemed that it will bring game only to new level that this event will give a huge impetus to development of football simulators. By the way, first all and was until on the horizon the company from Japan of KONAMI appeared!

It is remarkable that KONAMI undertook development of football games not much later - for only 7 - 8 years that to modern measures not so there is a lot of. The first name of game was Winning Eleven which, is by the way, and now used in Japan. Yes, let against FIFA PES frankly grew dim, but one distinguishes Japanese from Americans - children from the land of the rising sun everything are more diligent by definition, and as a result at them everything turns out better. To learn this comparison at least in equipment! In all honesty, choosing between two identical TVs what you would choose: made in Japan or in the USA?

No, I do not want to tell that Americans untalented persons or do not try at all. The last released game from their series - FIFA 10 which frankly disappointed with much, first of all the immemorial problem which lasts since 2006 - any progress partly speaks about it! Yes, the interface, structures changed, there were little changes in graphics (in particular 3D - a lawn which, freankly speaking, if not to peer, it is possible not to notice easily), new leagues, but not Russian (here any more there is no fault of EA, here rather a RFU was not given the license), and on a trifle somewhere were added.

And here in 2010, except our native RPL, progress was not, but regress - is available. Very many people at forums complained of graphics, namely that it as if was torn out from FIFA 2004, and it is difficult not to agree with them - praised 3D - a lawn it was visible only on repetitions, fields were quite poor quality, and about Akinfeev`s form on a screenshot it is better to keep silent. In my opinion, it was taken from FIFA 2003 + the emblem of CSKA and the title sponsor is pasted!

But also pluses, of course, were. EA improved the Be a Pro mode (how to tell “improved“, in comparison with Become a Legend from PES addition in FIFA all the same grows dim). Yes, new tricks, feints were added that could please fans of dynamic soccer. But big joy was given fans in Holland and Russia. The first at last licensed their national team, and now will play Robbena, Sneydera and Van Bronkhorsty instead of Van Zemmeley and other there. And for the second as I already spoke, RPL, though with awful quality was added, and the main claims concern graphics, and is concrete - portrayals of forms. There were disorders with transfers, but it could be corrected in the corresponding mode.

And as it seems to me, one of very important pluses, prevoskhodstvo over PES defines such huge number of admirers of FIFA. And this advantage - licenses for 31 leagues of the world (the truth, from them are the second leagues of England, Germany, Italy, Spain a little), but KONAMI even do not have it! Only 5 leagues, only three of which are completely licensed: France, Italy and Holland. In England - only 2 teams: “Manchester United“ and “Liverpool“; in Spain - it is slightly more, and it is concrete 12: “Atletik“, “Atletico“, “Barcelona“, “Deportivo“, “Espanyol“, “Malyorka“, “Rasing“, “Real“, “Valladolid“, “Seville“, “Valencia“ and “Vilyarreal“.

But not licenses uniform. As, probably, admirers of FIFA already understood, it will be a question of game on the Internet. EA made it quite free, and here KONAMI - only in the presence of the license which key meanwhile still nobody got. Yes even if will crack, all the same it will be heavier to play as for game Hamachi will be necessary at least. And still two-three of programs.

It is worth talking about pluses of Pro Evolution Soccer which, in principle, nemeryano. The first, I think, the most important for most of gamers is a graphics and dynamism of game. In this plan all was made developers of KONAMI faultlessly, this simulator began to remind real soccer, and, honestly, I do not know any more whether it is possible better. But time a series proceeds, means - it is possible.

The second positive line - an opportunity in the Master - League at last to feign matches with the help of a special button under the name “Leave to the Trainer“ that means that the assistant himself chooses structure. The third - is a little, but the improved Become a Legend, but it it is necessary to carry to PES 09 merits more likely, than to “ten“. The fourth - new registrations of the Champions League and League of Europe, I will remind that in FIFA it is possible by means of special patches and TV - popaps. Well and all - more realistic persons in the licensed teams. And on a trifle.

And as general conclusion: now, if to put all pluses and all minuses, all - remains small parity, but if from EA there is a similar sloppiness as in the last five years, the child of KONAMI will surely shoot ahead. Therefore from this party it is possible to estimate this year as year of identification of the leader in production of football simulators.