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What rules the world? A sketch about soul of

What rules the world? Since ancient times of people asked this question. One say that the world money, others - trust rules. Acute wise men, writers of different times sought to enter the world of the thinnest experiences of the person. Love, fear, belief, love of power, fanaticism... Whether they rule the world?

Scientists are convinced that the knowledge is a great force, the weapon against rage, hatred, primitive manifestations and instincts. The knowledge is a bridge which connects the people.

The person needs support. Leaders of movements, scientists, wise men can be support. When the person strong holds support, he is capable of many steps and big actions. He looks for support outside, at that time when they are in him.

In comparison with a primitive system, the Middle Ages or even in comparison with one generation, people became richer. Only 50 years ago the television, the computer, the mobile phone seemed a fantasy. Now all these achievements of equipment are available even to school students. But the person is still unfortunate. Successful people knew that they can overcome barriers. However why millions of people, possessing time encyclopedic knowledge, reading clever books, did not become happier and more successful?

The person became richer. But became and more isolated and feels lonely. His soul does not receive feed. The technologies and living conditions are more perfect, the more people need spiritual food. The purpose of any person is continuous development, and this purpose is unambiguous both for the man, and for the woman.

According to the western countries of nearly 50% of marriages come to an end with divorce, and the majority of the tied relationship break ahead of time. Men and women of any race, even those from them who is brought up in identical culture and Wednesday constantly do not accept opinion and belief of the partners. Perhaps, the reason of misunderstanding is covered that initially people are not capable to accept and understand themselves?

People want to be improved. They want to become owners themselves. Minds are filled with knowledge, but souls are hungry. They did not comprehend the unique area - the soul. Did not find out that their soul wants. It possesses separate substance. And judging from the fact that people came back after clinical death and that approves the majority of religious doctrines, - the soul is primary. Also it is immortal.

Imagine that you run for president of Argentina or any other country. You come to a tribune, and journalists of television, a yellow press abandon you questions. Your task: it is convincing to answer them, not to report to anybody and not to use the word “no“. Try to answer positively even the most absurd questions or a question on a question. It is not necessary to explain what you do, do not justify. Try to show that in that there is nothing bad. Thereby you mislead the interviewer, letting know public that you are self-assured and open.

This task at the rate “charismatic speaker“ for the beginning politicians. I will give a short example for descriptive reasons as the task can be carried out.

Question of the journalist of a yellow press:

- whether And the truth that you have all left leg in headdresses of the former lovers?

is an absolute truth.

- Why left? How you explain it?

- In headdresses not only the left leg, but also the left hand. I am a free woman and in my plans that in several years in headdresses of my lovers there was also all right side.

Other question:

- whether Agree you that small traders in shops sell the sugar mixed with flour?

- Yes, the truth. You know that sugar is a white death. For prevention in our country of a disease of people of diabetes sugar is mixed with flour, it does smaller harm to health of my compatriots.

Try to answer on the same scheme on any, even very funny questions. Release gravity, amuse to a shower. It is sensitive to humour and does not accept the word “no“. The soul asks on will. And we it in a framework! We order - not to lean out and follow an order! Generally, it is difficult for soul.

We become angry about our governors. Are dissatisfied as they run business. And sometimes we cannot cope with ourselves and the emotions.

In ancient times one tribe attacked other of - for fear to be destroyed. At the end of the last century psychologists formulated idea that the person is afraid of what is novel. What was not in personal experience that did not meet earlier, causes excessive loads of mentality. Unknown emotions, unfamiliar situation, strange people - all creates tension which in these or those parameters is close to a fright, fear, oppression to the most sad consequences. This invention is Differently worked. Politicians used opening for creation of “a century of terror“, writers - for creations of “horror“ - “horror“ unprecedented earlier.

In our century abundances of information and the general education we are capable to learn a lot of things about ourselves. Including about the fears which prevent manifestation of immortal soul. And only when we learn our souls, we will be able to rule own world.