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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on July 24 - 25? Etc.

the July heat does not release “beginning“ in any way, and each resident of megalopolises of our immense country in these days off should make the hard decision again - whether to remain in the stone jungle, whether to go to a way, is closer to cool reservoirs and the chirping birdies.

Movie theaters this week will offer those who all - will remain a refined entertainment because in Russia, with delay for a week, the new large-scale fantastic tape of Christopher Nolan “Beginning“ starts. The adventure picture of Luc Besson “Extraordinary adventures Adele“, and also the comedy “Kiss“, the drama “Mother and Child“, famous Alain Resnais`s picture “Native-grasses“ and the Romanian - the Swedish drama with the strange name “I Want to Whistle - I Whistle!“ is going to compete with it. And now is more detailed:

1. “Beginning“ (Inception). If you about something are spoken by IMDb rating, then at the moment Christopher Nolan`s picture occupies in it 3 - yu a line. Right after “Escape from the Shawshank“ and “Godfather“. Even technically revolutionary and commercially grandiose “Avatar“ of Cameron did not manage to rise above the second ten (and now at all crept away on the 108th line). Generally and in general, Christopher Nolan`s tape with Leonardo DiCaprio`s participation, Joseph Gordon - Levitta (“500 days of summer“), Ellen Page (“Juneau“) and other stars of world cinema, created a furor in the USA, having become the leader of hire and having received the highest comments from the critics and the audience who was in time to estimate already new creation of the director. Roger Ebert delivered to the movie 4 stars that happens rather seldom. Whatever one may do, to all measures is a film event of year, or, at least, that its part that already behind. To press in a plot a little senselessly because in a plot all essence. The main thing, do not wait that to you everything will be chewed and will put together with popcorn in a mouth. It is necessary to warm up a little bit brains though for eyes the picture of “Beginning“ promises not less effective shows. I recommend to all, except small children and fallen into marasmus, it is obligatory to look.

2. “Extraordinary adventures Adele“ (Les aventures extraordinaires d’Adele Blanc - Sec). I for quite some time now ceased to trust movies in which name words of the “extraordinary“ or “improbable“ type appear. And Luc Besson as the director, remained last century. In 90 - x it released the magnificent movies “Leon“, “Nikita“ and “Fifth Element“. Then roughly and absurdly defiled own reputation the producer works, having become an example of nasty taste and the French consumer goods. “Adele“ is the first large-scale project of Besson after “Zhanna D`Ark“ 1999 and, thank God, this time he managed not to remove the wife in a leading role. Leading roles in this picture were played by Louise Bourgoin and Mathieu Amalric. On a genre new Besson`s child represents a cheerful skit in its style of “The fifth element“ and sommersovsky “Mummy“, and it will be a question of the situations described still by Arthur Conan Doyle in “Land of the Lost“. Fearless and excessively curious journalist Adele Blan - plies Sec. from Paris to Egypt and back, in passing communicating with mummies, with cubs of the pterodactyl, still god knows with what or whom. Unlike “Beginning“ - it is pure, not turbid intelligence, a razvlekalovka with typically French enthusiasm and smack. In our country, for many years accustomed to the French cinema the movie, perhaps, will have a chance.

3. “Kiss“ (Love at First Hiccup). Is not present, I have no problems with the Caps Lock key. Just literally the name of a tape Barbara Topsee - Rotenborg (managed the aunt with a surname) is translated as “Love from a pervogoik“. It`s all right, our localizers if only they not of a bunch, and decided to bowl off beautifully thought, having connected a kiss and result of a hiccups in one word. It turned out, in my opinion, so-so, but we will better talk about a plot. Or, more precisely, about its absence. It is the typical youth comedy about the first love. Atypically only joint datsko - the American production though after the German “Ants in trousers“ it became already clear that “pie“ happens not only American, but to it, as they say, all age and nationalities are obedient. Under such pictures places for kisses and chips because the crunch in the head does not prevent to perceive absolutely primitive course of events at all usually well disperse.

4. “Mother and child“ (Mother and Child). Colombian Rodrigo Garcia works in Hollywood for a long time, however meanwhile big victories are not registered for it. Such strong middling shooting integral, but uninviting movies. Here and the drama “Mother and Child“, despite the whole constellation of actor`s works, in fact, is a chamber tape for a narrow circle of admirers. The project with participation of such actors and actresses as Annette Bening, Samuel L. Jackson, Naomi Watts, David Mors and Kerry Washington, narrates about relationship of mother and daughter given in the childhood on education to foreign woman. As executive producers of a tape not the last people in a film world - Alfonso Cuaron and Alejandro Gonsalez Inarritu appear too.

5. “Native-grasses“ (Les herbes folles). it is surprising, but 88 - the summer master of the French cinema Alain Resnais continues to create and unlike some grandees of film Soviet (we will not point a finger) is not watched fallen into marasmus at all. Rene began the film career, it dread to think, even before World War II, in 1936. Then his authorship possesses such tapes as “Hiroshima, my love“, “Last year in Marienbad“, “Stavisky“ and “Life is a novel“. The last year`s drama “Native-grasses“ with participation Andre Dussollier, Sabine Azema and fashionable Mathieu Amalric is the third tape of the classic removed by it for the first decade of a new century.

6. “I want to whistle - I whistle!“ (Eu cand vreau sa fluier, fluier). In response to the name of this tape and wants to be said: “Yes for God`s sake! You`re welcome!“. But, has to admit, whistle - a sign not monetary so in the Russian hire of the Romanian - little shines the Swedish drama of the director Florin Serban. But, by the way, before us the prize-winner of a present Berlin Film Festival - the Silver bear, Gran - at jury. The social drama about prison and teenagers, as usual, the choice of cinema festival, but not mass. Nevertheless, the audience managed to appreciate this touching and truthful picture.

We will sum up the results. And again this week we have an unambiguous and undisputed leader of hire which does not have competitors. It is obvious that “Beginning“ following the results of the future days off will head cash desk of the Russian hire and, judging by responses of the audience, quite deservedly. Very weak outflow of spectator attention can happen to a bessonovsky burlesque about Adele, but it is improbable that this fact somehow will affect total figures. Other beginners of hire, as usual, are designed for the viewer whom to them it is necessary to look for long and persistently because there will be they, most likely, limited hire, not at each movie theater.