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I the black president of Russia

According to the last polls of the population Putin and Medvedev`s ratings quickly decrease. Especially segments of the population with the big income and wide life experience respectively cease to love them.

Is quite possible, the country will face crisis at the highest levels soon. But also bottoms cannot put forward in the power yet though is more sensible than somebody. And what in that case to do?

The answer is simple, as well as all ingenious. It is necessary to invite to a kingdom of the foreign expert. Experience in our country in this respect just huge.

Scandinavian Rurik, Pole Vladyslav, German Ekaterina - all of them with different degree of success ruled Russia. Peter I did not shun to import into the country of foreign experts. The benefit then was not immigration service. The Soviet automobile works built under the leadership of Americans and Italians. The Dutch masters learn to play the modern football national team in soccer.

In a word, it is necessary to announce a competition on government among foreign managers. To conclude with the winner the contract for five years with the right of prolongation. To register there bonuses for good management and penalties for misses. To oblige the foreign expert to catch up with Portugal and to increase notorious GDP twice. To win the Olympic Games in Sochi, to provide all Russians with work, pensions and the social benefits.

Who can apply for a country government. It is senseless to rely in such question on the people. Most of our compatriots will call the Chilean dictator Pinochet. In spite of the fact that that died for a long time. Or will choose the father Lukashenko, and Minsk will force out Petersburg. Same eggs, only side view.

Perhaps, the German chancellor Frau Merkel or the American president Barack Obama can be applicants for a throne. If, of course, agree to work on combination. Today they are the most effective managers in the world market of managing directors of the states.

And if the German on the Russian throne already was and Frau Merkel will hardly cause rejection in the Russian society, then emergence at the head of the country of the black president will quite perhaps cause some feeling of bewilderment in part of patriotically adjusted citizens of the Russian Federation.

But our powerful sources of washing of brains in the form of numerous television channels are quite capable as shows time, to introduce any, most crazy idea in the population heads.

Is thought, there will be witnesses capable to prove, for example, that a pra - Obama`s great-grandfather and a pra - a pra - a pra - the great-grandfather A. S. Pushkina distant relatives and they together hunted leopards. Therefore, Barack Obama, quite legitimately can occupy the Russian throne, without changing at the same time a primary place of employment.

And grateful descendants will place to it a monument on Red Square directly opposite to the Mausoleum. Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole`s

. Russia forward!