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To what consequences lead expectations?

“Each person are only a result of the fact that he made in life“ Lilian Hellman`s

Expanding and deepening this thought of the American writer, it is possible to claim that of people is result of his thinking, his beliefs and those decisions which he makes every day.

From this point of view it will be very interesting to look how the most usual desires the person (to be exact, his expectations , i.e. ideas of its future) can change radically not only economy of separately taken country, but also even the course of all universal history.

So, we will imagine that a certain person honestly works at the work and every month receives the salary, thousands so 20 - 30 - 50 rubles.

at the same time he thinks - and absolutely sincerely considers - that he so will be always that every month its family budget will be replenished for the same sum.

Under these expectations, quite justified in his opinion, the person buys (often under easily available bank credit) the car, the apartment, goes to have a rest - i.e. does everything that it is necessary to do to people with its level of the income.

And now - attention!

the companies adapt worldwide To its inquiries (to update the car, to broaden the apartment, to go all family to Maldives)!

Namely, new automobile works and house-building combines are under construction; cozy hotels and big shops, schools and movie theaters are built by new . Respectively, there are new workplaces, thousands new employees are gained …

so-called “ the grocery chain as a result develops“ which is urged to satisfy requests for anything such and not suspecting modest hero of our today`s history.

And suddenly, as usual, unexpectedly there is any trouble or, speaking official language, a swagger - a major situation .

Troubles happen big and small, but they surely regularly happen. For example, the dollar rate or price of oil fell, strongly filled with smoke a volcano, Greece went on strike, the drought or inflation came.

What occurs in this case?

Ordinary people begin to be anxious and decide to postpone temporarily planned earlier, in good times, purchase of the new car.

the Swagger - a major can quickly end, and can drag on, thereby having caused so-called “ a domino effect “.

It is representable a hypothetical situation that the volcano with difficult said name strongly filled with smoke not for few weeks, and on couple of decades, thereby having finally blocked flights of planes over Atlantic and Europe.

Airlines shocked, count losses and are forced to dismiss the employees in large quantities. Having lost work, people begin to save, tighten belts and in large quantities refuse purchases of new cars.

Now automobile works shocked, and together with them and producers of expensive goods and services. There are series of mass dismissals.

All economy begins to fall quickly and “ sinks “ to the level of the minimum sufficiency.

Here such sad can be the scenario … can not be


P. S.

Crossman:... Always hated liars, especially those who lie to themselves... Constance`s

:... Almost all of us, my dear, lie to ourselves, almost all...

- “An autumn garden“, Lilian Hellman