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The programmer - the single or the programmer in collective - what is better?

Group of programmers - special intellectual environment. In it continuous creative process dominates.

Most of colleagues - the people who are carried away by work. They are ready to climb in an impassable jungle of system settings, to revel in originality of the created programs and always not against to share the experience with near or are distant depending on circumstances.

Yes, that there “not against“! A time literally holds apart them from a surplus of knowledge! Some part finds realization in production. And if it is more knowledge and ability? On the Internet a frequent thing - the amateur websites where the advanced experts impart experience with pleasure and offer own developments, and is absolutely free. For them the main thing - to be claimed, and, first of all, in own eyes.

I remember how itself, having been ahead of all in development of difficult graphic system of volume modeling, I “caught“ employees and arranged them hour occupations. By the way, all agreed willingly. The administration, having used it, equipped me on teaching in other departments. I was accepted enthusiastically, and I stayed at pleasure top. Completion of occupations developed into a peculiar triumph. I was thanked, said that now everything is clear, and the following works will be carried out in new system.

But not everything appeared so ideally. I already said that I outstripped events. In half a year there were courses which I also attended. But even after courses not all people captured by them quietly gave production. Complained of shortage of experience, absence of the knowing experts nearby. As a result in few months the teacher from the next enterprise appeared. Naturally, in addition paid it for lectures. Here and demonstration of the statement that the initiative is punishable. What punished me? Yes, actually, nothing, except the money which is not allocated in addition. And I derived pleasure, and considerable. But I do not want to diminish abilities of the former pupils.

Speed of comprehension of information at everyone different. And practice in new system was not a constant. Often completions of models in old system were required, and people distracted. And I eulogize not myself for enthusiasm and disinterestedness.

The speech not about it. The speech - about collective, where everyone at all on a look. People around know your scope of work, your opportunities and even sometimes style of thinking. Such subtleties from the outside are not visible. Therefore at material evaluation of the work of foreign collective often there are distortions. The worker who is excessively fussing, constantly flashing before eyes can be the owner of a high award, and the girl quiet, not prominent to anybody bearing the main loading will remain without it.

It is better to provide to divide money to the chief of foreign department or its deputy, than to try to make it for them. I had such case. The head of adjacent group stayed on holiday, and I replaced the chief of the bureau which went to business trip. Doing quickly, I also immediately normalized the deserted group. I only made one mistake. The woman who is usually not enough stars the sky that month showed remarkable working capacity and actually extended group of break. And I just did not know about it and delivered it indicators, as usual. I will tell at once that I was managed to be corrected. The chief returned in time. And it happened actually in one collective and what to tell if you are encouraged by at all person who is not belonging to your department!

So, among programmers the level of the certain worker is visible at once. Even if he does not declare himself words, he will be estimated sooner or later. The collective is capable and to stand for itself before other services. Of course, a lot of things depend on his head, but he will be helped by his closest associates. With similar to work it is good and quiet.

Unfortunately, as well as in any collective, there are antipathies, the professional competition (sometimes not really healthy) and difficult relationship with the chief. And it despite the high spiritual and intellectual level of the environment. There is a wish to shout that it not at us that programmers - the people special, but … Once witnessed dismissal at once of two employees when a third appointed the deputy. And another hoped for this position several years and decided to leave in protest. The conflict was similar to explosion. There was a scandal to not program terms. Both tears, and transition on the personality were applied. The chief just did not manage to prevent eruptions. And men modestly were silent, having with concentration buried in the screens.

Quite another matter, when the programmer in firm one. The chief does not carp at trifles, does not constrain in development, nobody knows depths of your work, see only results. But obvious results are necessary constantly here. They are accepted with delight irrespective of how many forces are spent for them. One of employees who was considered weak in our department was transferred once to another where at least one programmer urgently was required. Its qualification quite was enough to win a favor of the chief and to satisfy all users. Were happy with it, and it became very happy, having felt a strong link.

But work alone has the reefs, and at times even reeves. I already said earlier that the easy and fast updates of the program can be perceived by nonspecialists as the solution of a global question, and a task which looks immoderately simple, to demand two - three months of work. It is often very difficult for people around to understand the last as do not explain. Though gradually there is a rapprochement of customers and programmers. The computer world comes and captures all. The problem becomes the general. But reeves remain.

Position of the programmer on private firm where he has to provide operability of all equipment and programs is especially interesting. If there are too much failures, everything falls, there is not enough day, then there is an opinion that the person does not cope, and seldom draw conclusions that it is not enough one programmer. If the expert bright also manages to prevent problems in a germ, and sometimes even to expect them - at some there can be an opinion why it here in general is necessary? All already works. It is possible to save an established post!

Personally I, having somehow appeared in such conditions, began to worry outright when two weeks my forty computers very diligently behaved, and I slowly walked on the Internet, expecting the next accident. But they were not! I even began to feel sidelong glances of employees (most likely, I invented them). At last, for the third week two systems “were filled up“ at once, and I felt the necessary person. Nonsense and only! Truth? But, unfortunately, it is necessary to reckon with this nonsense. To explain to the single that everything works thanks to your previous efforts, can be difficult. People around have no knowledge correctly to estimate work of the single, and the last sometimes finds it difficult to estimate himself. There is no analog.

In collective - everything is evident: you are guided a little quicker, than Ivan Vasilyevich, but Mikhail Yuryevich will give you odds. And here - to compare there is nobody! Also not so programmer skills, but ability to put themselves move to the forefront, it is favorable to present the work and as required to achieve earnings increase. Not always to our brother it to liking. In collective it is simpler: for you your work which is close and clear to much will work.

And here this work as black box. But box one! And nobody in it will climb. To advise and direct too. But also to rescue will not think …