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Domestic the Internet - auctions: whether it is possible to make cheap purchase?

All perfectly know that abroad many goods cost much cheaper, than at us. And western the Internet - auctions, certainly, are not an exception: there it is also possible to get the interesting thing with quite decent discount. And whether it is possible to make favorable purchase on our, domestic the Internet - auctions?

You, dear reader, probably, will tell that it is impossible. Like, cheap goods happen only at the western auctions where they and are taken by our businessmen that then to sell at us with a huge price markup. And if as there is cheap at our auctions, then, so there a marriage, or some deception...

Of course, in such statements there is the element of truth, with it will not argue. However everything is not so gloomy as it seems at first sight. And on domestic the Internet - auctions time it is possible to get this or that thing to the price, is significantly lower than store. At the same time the goods will be in a normal look, without marriage and any defects. And the seller will really send him to you, and all of you receive.

By what it is explained, you ask? I also want to answer this question in this article.

As it was already told above, abroad many goods cost significantly cheaper, than at us. And not only those that were created in Asia, but also that were created in Europe. These are the prices of the producer, plus a small price markup of the businessmen who are engaged in realization of these or those goods. Foreign businessmen, it is necessary to notice, in the majority prefer to do small margins: no more than 5 - 10 percent from the cost of the goods realized by them.

When from them the goods are acquired by our businessmen, to the cost of goods the cost of delivery, a customs clearance, tenancy for shop or the place in the market, a salary of sellers and other personnel and, of course, revenue of the businessman which usually equals to several tens percent from goods cost, and even to all sta is added on. Thanks to all this the price of the goods getting on our market increases from purchasing in two - three times.

But it at usual sales; on the Internet, and in particular, on the Internet - auctions, the picture is observed a little bit other.

In - the first, the businessman does not need to pay for a tenancy under shop or the place in the market, it is not necessary to pay also services of personnel which are absent, as a rule, simply. Means, there is already a place for maneuver. And if the businessman works with foreign suppliers by the principle of a dropship, i.e. does not acquire goods in advance, and at first finds the buyer from whom takes an advance payment, and only then orders goods, minimizing thereby risks to remain in minuses, that field for maneuver becomes still big.

How all this looks in practice? Approximately as follows.

We will assume that a certain mobile phone costs at us 300 dollars, and abroad - 100. In 300 dollars everything is already put, including profit of the businessman which, suppose, equals to 50 percent from the initial cost of goods, i.e. to 50 dollars. At the same time the tenancy for shop or the place in the market, and also fee of sellers and other personnel costs the businessman, say, 70 dollars. And plus delivery yes registration of goods - 30 more. What as a result also gives us 300 dollars.

If to sell goods Online, then 70 dollars are released. The part of them, however, will go for payment of a hosting and the domain if the goods are on sale with own the Internet - shop, and for advertizing without which extremely difficult quickly and it is favorable to sell something. However all these expenses will be significantly below that which the businessman would incur at trade in offline. Even if on all these expenses 20 dollars then which remained 50 will leave will lay down in the businessman`s pocket in the form of excess profit. This is that excess profit it can slightly and renounce, having given a small discount.

If the businessman works according to the scheme of a dropship, then it can get goods a little more cheaper and delivery can be shifted to the buyer. Plus absence of risk because the goods are ordered on the means which are in advance received from the buyer. Thus, the excess profit of the seller increases a little more, and he gains already more than 100 percent of net income.

So, for example, the clothes from China to China cost about 25 percent from that sum for which it is on sale at us. The businessman trading in clothes from China not only covers all cost for delivery at the expense of the buyer, but also has 200 percent of net profit.

Therefore, of course, the businessman can give a discount of 20-30 percent as he all the same will remain in good profit. Moreover will also win in time: it is better to make two sales in a month, having earned with everyone 70 dollars, than one sale, having earned from it 100 dollars.

Proceeding from these calculations it is possible to draw a conclusion that our businessman would not remain in losses if gives also more essential discount. And it - that, of course, so. But you should not forget about such phenomenon as human greed which often closes itself even the most sober and pragmatic calculations also.

Besides: we in the country already had the price market, and too big understating of the prices will arouse rather a mistrust to the seller, than an agiotage around its goods. Therefore the goods delivered to our country will not cost approximately as much how many it costs also in the country - the producer. The margin will be very much and very essential.

But on ours the Internet - auctions nevertheless it is possible to acquire normal goods on lower, than in shops and in the market, to the prices. Main thing: to be able to distinguish the skilled and checked seller from a kidala - a something ephemeral. But it is already absolutely other subject.