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What is “seine“? About love to China of

of People it is so arranged that it is seldom happy where lives. This thin side of paradox is shown by an old Chinese parable.

Once upon a time there was fish. She swam all the days in the river. Floated, floated … Carefree smiled, being filled with energy and beauty of water. In one of days she swam up to the region of the river and jumped out. And as it had no similar experience, she did not understand where she got. Also called the world of “seine“, unclear for it. Fortunately, she could not be groundless long and again plunged into familiar waters.

I try on this parable on myself. Is to me as to fish in water. To me it is comfortable and cozy here. And as that fish, I cannot remain on one place. With pleasure I move over the country, being filled with energy and beauty of the cities, ancient temples, pagodas and magnificent gardens.

I remember how for the first time it appeared in the Chinese province. I went out of the train and stopped on the area of the railway station. While my satellite looked for the taxi stand, I appeared in the middle of crowd. Chinese surrounded me with a dense wall and frankly examined.

I felt like the monkey who is let out on the square to entertain the audience. All eyes of Chinese were attracted to me as if to an overseas miracle. One old woman touched for a sleeve, probably, to make sure that I am live. People approached, and the circle was narrowed. I saw how Chinese pushed each other to approach closer. About fifty pairs of eyes directed in my party and monitoring each movement. On faces curiosity. Shadows of hostility, envy or irritation.

In China I in absolute safety. I do not feel the stranger. Even when I do not understand the speech or I come under the spotlight of wildish countrymen who never met the bright European woman.

Where I appeared, to whatever remote point of the country got, everywhere I get support. How many time it happened so that someone from Chinese helped to reach in the middle of the night hotel, to find the road, office, suggested to buy the ticket at the unfamiliar station or during a heat a glass of water. Helped, and without thinking to rob or offend, helped voluntarily and disinterestedly.

I trust Chinese. Also I love them for naturalness, patience, humility, thirst for knowledge, proximity to the nature and openness to changes. The Chinese words right at the beginning strike with an impact and emotionality. Then you get used to language, voices and persons and you begin to love them.

You get used also to a flavor of food. In small private shops Chinese cook eggs in special electric pans, adding some substance smelling of rotten yolks. Boiled eggs sell right there to buyers. When for the first time came into such shop, hardly constrained itself not to jump out on the street from a suffocating smell. This stench pursued me then everywhere. But over time got used also to it.

In the years lived in their environment I did not doubt the love. Sometimes, as though checking itself and them, I got into the remote quarters of old areas. I saw poverty, the thin children sleeping on a floor of vegetable or fish benches where parents traded. Videla, as women among themselves swear, wildly crying out curses. But I did not see rage to me, the foreigner who intruded in their life.

Of course, there are also unpleasant moments. The youth almost never gives way in the bus. But I want to trust, maybe, I look young? Walking where - nibud on the suburb of the city, having got hungry, I get into mean cafe. And by all means visitors and service personnel stand in the row inconsiderately to examine how I eat. And at all beat off appetite.

Sometimes in shop importunate shop assistants dog me steps, trying to impose what is not necessary for me at all. Where I neither looked and what the thing nor touched, right there I hear: “Ďčŕóë˙íă“ that on - Chinese is “beautiful“. Perhaps, they think that I am very rich and came to them to buy up everything that is on a counter. But if within two hours I try on all clothes of the size and all the same I will buy nothing, they will not state discontent. Will lovely smile and will tell: “Csay Chong!“ (To a new meeting!)

Not always pleases also service in hotels though in five-stars hotels it is always faultless. But similar things can be met in any country of the world. Unless someone is insured from it? And in general, it is such trifle more often raising a smile.

What only does not happen in life. All of us are people, and each of us has shortcomings. Both all these situations, and behavior of people do not belong to national peculiarities.

Chinese in a root are not similar to us. We too serious and adult. They - as children, not on appearance, in essence. Are able to be all eyes, an emphasis, having opened with astonishment mouths, to look without ceremony, almost without blinking.

They are similar to hieroglyphs, expressive and internally harmonious. Can be, of course, and aggressive. But their aggression becomes isolated in them, having unexpectedly broken out, also unexpectedly dies away. It is possible because little Chinese since the childhood accustom to accept the world it what it is.

They can admire you, flatter, use cunning and deceive as children deceive, without bearing you personally the malice. The main thing to accept their simple morals, and then it is not terrible to appear among unusual persons and the voices cutting hearing.

I am pleasant to tell about China. Noticed, people are of its special value. Perhaps, therefore in the country on official statistics about 1,4 billion people?

I like to share what I see around, without embellishing and without belittling advantages. I am grateful to this remarkable country for well-groomed streets, excellent kitchen, a variety of fruit and vegetables, for smiles and fine conditions for work and rest. I think, Chinese deserved the fact that they have now. And that will be tomorrow, only god knows.

In this life everything is relative. Looking out of a window, one sees a dirty pool, and another - the moon which is reflected in it …