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To fall in love... by own technique?

Ya decided to fall in love … “Love in a family - happiness in the house“, - specialists in harmony in the love relations say. And I trust them - very good words speak.

“Do not take in head to marry by calculation“, - experts of culture of love and marriage warn. Remarkably! Only the best friends will not allow to get to trouble.

“Learn to love!“ - technologists of seduction and love intriguingly recommend. I perfectly understand them. Technologies - great force! Any problem can be solved with the help of technologies.

I am a modern person, and to me the nobility as it works to force it to work for me is enough. Love relationship - not an exception.

Really, the marriage of convenience does not suit me, and my plans include only ardent mutual love. Means, it is necessary to approach this business with all responsibility and having thoroughly prepared - having studied love technologies.

Studying of technology of love requires enough information. The fluent review of literature on the questions interesting me plunged into easy confusion. Literatures - countless multitudes!

But I not from shy ten also began to systematize literature by process of elimination. The first researches of “the British scientists“ and various yazychesko - magical love spells and plots “overboard“ went. Books of okoloreligiozny sense and the esoteric direction were also resolutely rejected by me. Further - it is more … The literature circle considerably decreased owing to “support of domestic producer“ - the Russian technologists of love, and personal preferences - I do not like blondes.

Now before me quite foreseeable number of books and books, and I am ready to their attentive studying.

I open the first book “Recipes of courting for the girl“. With concentration I read,… just I read. I look through up to the end. It was not pleasant. There was a wish to add from himself at the beginning of each “recipe“: “Take a pure pan, i.e. - the new girl“ …

I Open the second - “Love smells“ … Read as if in medical educational institution visited lecture. Earlier also did not assume that at the person a lot of interesting is in a nose. Even the nose was combed from such attention to it. For himself in a workbook noted: “Women do not love a smell of worn men`s socks and are thrilled with aphrodisiacs“.

Opened the weighty “Encyclopedia of the lonely man“ at random and, having gathered was to read first on eyes, reflected: “And what is it - technology of love? “ If to draw an analogy to technical process on production, then the logic of technology of love is obvious - rather correctly to construct model of the behavior steadily to come to the necessary result. A conclusion arises: the technology of love is a use of the necessary equipment at the right time.

To fall in love technically well prepared much easier? “Of course!“ - I think, and I continue to study literature.

Read some more books and I feel that in my consciousness the conflict arises - the understanding of physiology of process of love comes, and ability to influence feeling of love is conscious - by a strong-willed method, at least, stands still. “Yet not time“ - I calm myself. It is very difficult to define degree of readiness for love - there is not enough knowledge.

Considered necessary to take a break in reading books. In line - viewing of educational movies and visit of special trainings. On the street I am almost not - all the time takes away studying of technology of love.

The conflict in consciousness was “suppressed“. For a while the “rebelled“ soul rejecting a tekhnogennost in love was broken finally - as if she died at all. The will and consciousness triumph. Rushes of soul is “lyrics“, and I need only “reality“ - results.

Judging by quantity of the studied literature and the acquired information, I am already ready to write the book or to develop a technique on technology of love. … Probably, and I will make.