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How to make friends with the fright?

They say that the fright always nearby, hears everything, everything see, even our dreams. It is a pity that its began to refer to house spirits of the lowest category, once it had a reputation for a deity of night dreams. They say that if with it to make friends, then it will explain that our dreams mean. There is a strong wish to make friends - is what to tell.

Always with a smile observed how there were preparations for “coaxing“ of the brownie: some squash cooked, something in a saucer was poured, the piece of bread was put nearby. The smile did not descend from my face when represented how the brownie whether was stuck with a rylets into porridge, whether was picked by a finger it. Or in the manner of the skilled soldier got from - for boot tops a spoon,

which is rolled up in a rag … But now I need to prepare an entertainment for the fright, and it is not ridiculous any more. To make friends - the case “desyatoye“, the main thing now - to welcome dear visitor.

If to offer an entertainment, that best! In all sincerity decided to offer the most expensive man`s - a glass of vodka, full to the brim, and the sandwich from black bread with herring which is simply decorated with onions ringlets.

With nervousness began to represent how I, having pretended that I sleep, will begin to wait for arrival of dear visitor or emergence it from “from nowhere“,… or a vypolzaniye from any cracks,… or a vyplyvaniye from deep and gloomy shadows … Br - r - r! Let better will be in kitchen at once.

Appearance of the guest in kitchen, probably, has to be followed by characteristic noise of preparation of “acceptance on a breast“ of a shock dose in 250 ml of vodka … “And suddenly it much? - it was thought to me, - the fright - “something“ a feminine gender. Suddenly she will begin to take a sip vodka gradually? Then it is not enough snack“. Nervousness amplified, the imagination was played.

Suddenly it habitually “zamakhnt“ a glass of vodka, and sandwich will only smell? Then it is not enough vodka. And if to me only the drinking frights are declared? There is such sign: “You will open library - call readers, you will open a bar - “bruises“ will come“.

It what then will turn out? Drunk frights with the curve become green ugly faces will be unsteady on my apartment? Everywhere there is a dirt, and the toilet will be eternally occupied?. Suddenly even more terribly the thought as a lightning, sparkled in my head - the fright will not come, and vodka will exhaust!

No, the scenario with binge is cancelled - roughly, vulgarly and unpromisingly. At once having calmed down, began to meet the nice fright again mentally.

“I will better offer the pagan lady sweet“, - I thought and began to turn over in the mind options of a sweet entertainment. Stopped on the best - on my favourite chocolate bars with a pralinovy stuffing. Inspired with such remarkable decision, immediately went to shop and to create feeling of the real holiday, this time bought more - eight pieces in elegant golden wrappers.

Before putting a hill an entertainment, wanted, was, on a habit to zacherkat a ball pen the price and date of production on candy wrappers - wrappers, but in time bethought - ugly. “Then I will draw hearts … Zelenenkiye! As a sign of special sympathy for pagan miracles“, - joyful thought a candy wrapper - a butterfly of a zaporkhal in me. But it is short. “Cellulitis!“ - I remembered, and everything flitting as if wind blew off.

To men it is good - they have no cellulitis and will not be. It is possible and sweeten bitterness of gray man`s everyday life. And here cellulitis “is granted“ to women for edification - that were not lazy in maintenance of the beauty. That pleased us, men, with the delights as long as possible.

Arguing on cellulitis, involuntarily presented the fright with curvy shapes … Effective the person turned out! Such pyshechka.

Mentally I represent how the fright - the pyshechka is to me for the purpose of acquaintance for further close and long friendship, and I - bang! - to it bars in the form of an entertainment. Probably, will take offense. Silently will purse the full lips, will slowly turn and will leave slowly, gradually shaking abrupt hips. And I will only look with it following, more precisely - to the back, regarding existence - there is no absence of cellulitis …

, something is not got on at me with entertainments. Having fast eaten all bars, decided to make friends with the fright only because of fine. Decided to create its picturesque image - to write a portrait oil.

Thinking over portrait composition, the common color scheme and already mentally drawing the beautiful fright, suddenly stopped. “And how I learn that the portrait was pleasant to it and she is ready to make friends with me?“ - itself I wonder. And I answer myself: “She will wink at you a green eye“. “Every time when you look at her portrait“ will smile, - as the angry demon, to myself I give the shakes … Something to me became bad from this invention. I refuse.

The last that I could think up, so it - to create an image of the beautiful and kind fright only in imagination. Let it will be pleasant to it, and she with me will make friends in the same way. Let her have my dreams and very quietly whispers to me in a dream of value of sleepy dreams.

I represent how I sleep and I have dreams with comments of the fright. As if film frames with credits. … Or the voice-over explains values of dreams. Let dreams what I am invited to the fright - the psychotherapist for heart-to-heart talk …

Or perhaps in reality I already am on reception at the psychiatrist?!

How to make friends with the fright?. In any way! It is necessary “to be on friendly terms“ with the head, but not to drive round dances with evil spirits of everyone.