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WC - 2010 in the Republic of South Africa: what national team to consider as the main loser? Let`s understand...

the Past FIFA World Cup in the Republic of South Africa surprised not only fans, but also venerable football analysts seeing everyone. While the main favourites of superiority left competition one by one, their place was taken by much less “star“ collectives - as, for example, the national team of Holland and Uruguay. So whom it is possible to call the main loser of the FIFA World Cup? Who the weakest link?

5 - e the place. Portuguese national team

At first sight seems that Portuguese acted absolutely not bad - left “group of death“ where except them fought for a place in the sun great and awful Brazil, strong and high-speed assembly Kot - D`Ivoira and football players of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea as a dessert, and then conceded in the first match of 1/8 final to future champions, Spanish national team. Really, not such and the bad result (and therefore only 5 - e the place of our rating), but remained feeling of an innuendo: faded game in attack (Portugal hammered only to Koreans), total absence of command character and - the most important! - absence of the leader. However, the formal leader in the field was - Cristiano Ronaldo, but manifestations of these leadership skills we from him did not wait, and therefore without remorse we put Portuguese national team on the most harmless step of ours a hit - parade.

4 - e the place. The national team of Serbia

Serbians, as well as all Slavs, very much like to create to themselves problems and with variable success then to solve them. This time it did not turn out. After starting defeat from the national team of Ghana Serbians started and in a brilliant manner beat Germans, then again relaxed - and conceded to weak Australia. As a result the last place in group and 4 - e the place of the main losers of tournament.

3 - e the place. English national team

the Main expectations from game of British first of all were connected by

with their trainer Fabio Capello. The person who tried to obtain success with all teams which he undertook had no right to fail tournament, and therefore even bookmakers with confidence saw English national team among the main favourites of the FIFA World Cup. It turned out that leaders of the national team approached the championship, hardly shuffling the feet that was not slow to affect results. With a scratch having left very easy group (what there is a goalless draw with Algeria!) British ran on German national team and were broken off to pieces - 4:1.

2 - e the place. Italian national team

Unlike British, the main mistake ex-world champions football experts call trainer`s miscalculations in the choice of players. Prior to Marcello Lippi`s championship repeatedly reproached that he stakes on players, elderly to football measures, who besides spend not really well a season. Fears came true - average age of players of Italian national team at a WC was selected by 29 years (and to the captain Fabio Cannavaro in general 36 knocked!) players hardly moved across the field, could not win any match and, having disgracefully resigned authority of world champions, left home right after group tournament.

the Main losers of a WC - 2010. French national team

Probably, French will remember performance of the national team in the World Cup in the Republic of South Africa for a long time - the national team arrived on the FIFA World Cup in a rank vice-the world champion, and left separate group of rowdies and clowns. To the whole world it became obvious that the scandalous trainer of French Raymond Domenech brought the team incapable even it is simple to be together in the field, not to mention high-quality and productive game. Scandals, intrigues, artful designs, plots are good for female novels, but for team competition of level of the World Cup were pernicious. One point in three matches, one scored goal at four passed, the last place in group and an indelible spot of a shame - FIFA World Cup results for French national team are that.

Of course, any large sports competition does not do without surprises, and especially it is difficult to call soccer predictable game, but, seemingly, the World Cup in the Republic of South Africa in this indicator broke all records. You judge - two best teams of last championship took the last places in groups, and the main favourites of bookmaker predictions - Brazilian national teams, Argentina and England - did not reach even semi-finals.

However, probably, soccer therefore is madly popular in the world that even the modest team of Holland can beat Brazilians and to become vice-the world champion.