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“The summer is a small life...“ How to keep impressions of rest?

are Summer a time of holidays, courageous travel and cheerful walks, this time when our plans for long-awaited rest and dreams of a warm season, generous on flowers and aromas, fruit and vegetables, light and a cool are embodied in reality.

The summer is beautiful and fleeting as blazing of a scarlet evening dawn, and it is so important to keep at least a little bit from all variety of the impressions presented by this magic season. Does not matter that it was (or will be): a trip to the distant countries or the thrown village, fishing on the quiet small river or swimming on a kayak, travel to distant monasteries or shish kebabs in the company of friends.

Make friends with the camera! during holiday and summer walks you for certain made, and still will manage to make the mass of pictures. Choose the most successful and give vent to the imagination that their registration was not limited to the usual press. Modern technologies offer a huge number of interesting decisions: you can create own photobook, order the press of notebooks and notebooks with the photo on a cover, to unpack a photo on a t-shirt, a circle, charms etc. Such thing decorated with the picture made by you will be always near you, so, and pleasant memories - too! Besides, it can serve as a fine gift.

until the end of summer even the whole month so you will manage to make a lot more beautiful photos. Ideally - to be prepared for this business in advance: to read literature on the art of photography, to see someone`s good shots. Try to do pictures of different genres, for example, a photosketch and the photoetude. Choose one day and prepare own photo report. Feel how it is fascinating: to watch behind each new minute and to learn to give it value! The fact that now it seems to you not remarkable pastime will seem worthy memoirs over time.

Address a feather and paper! Try to describe at least one day of the holiday which gave you joy. Do not forget to mention all trifles which surprised you reproduce dialogues, describe the nature, say, everything that to you was brought by this day. And it is possible, at you it will turn out to write the poem. And it is possible to compose the essay about the rest in general and to tell in it of the most intimate thoughts and experiences. By the way, it is expedient to combine the texts with photos. In this case you will create the peculiar “book of memoirs“ consisting of pictures and records to them.

Arrange a meeting with the family, share impressions! Let everyone will serially tell about the summer holiday. Such meeting will become one more pleasant moment when you are able not only to recollect once again happily spent time and to boast before the audience, but also to listen to the others. Quite perhaps, from their stories you will gather for yourself a lot of new and interesting, and will be able to construct plans for future rest.

Give to the workplace “holiday“ style. Decorate it with the brought souvenirs and, of course, photos. In time, the first after holiday, when it is so heavy to start labor everyday life again, the recorded “summer happiness“ will warm your soul and will help to keep good mood. For example, establish the holiday photo as wall-paper on a desktop of the computer or on the display of the mobile phone.

can Create the “summer“ atmosphere also at home - by means of the same photos and souvenirs. It is even better if you use for this purpose, for example, the dried flowers, the brought cockleshells, stones - everything, belonging to the nature of that edge where you had a rest.

Being on holiday, try to make something creative! Draw the small etude, embroider a picture, connect, sew, weave, prepare a new dish. Remember the talents and abilities, they at you for certain are enough! Being engaged in creativity, you will be able to give a part of the feelings, so, created by you will be unique. The main thing - desire! Happy moments of life are amazingly fleeting

, and it is rather even, are imperceptible. When we feel pleasure, we want to remain in this delightful state and to forget that to all the end comes. It is thought, the endured happy minutes will always remain bright and fresh pictures in our memory.

But there pass weeks, months, there come gray everyday life, difficulties, and sometimes it seems that in general nothing good happened to us. Here then - that it is also necessary to address own memory, to take photos and memorable bagatelles in hand, through them summer heat and a charge of cheerfulness will immediately return to you!