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You fly on the beach? Recommendations about purchase of permits to the sea

... What needs to be known upon purchase of the permit?

How to go - under the own steam or to rely on the travel agent... Where in general to buy this permit also that needs to be asked in travel agency... Before everyone who flies to the sea for the first time there are similar questions, this subject concerns many before purchase of round to the sun and I exhaust for the first time.

There is a speech not about luxury rest, and quite budgetary and comfortable options.

Every time when before me there was a question, to go independently or through travel agency , I always stopped on the last option, having carefully worked the first. In - the first, I am lazy and to bother on collecting documents for the visa, to hand over them, to receive the visa, to reserve hotel, to receive confirmation of armor, to issue an insurance, to redeem air tickets - me elementary laziness. It is possible to do the visa through firms which darkness, but they do it too not free of charge, of course.

For purchase of the permit it is necessary to come to travel agency practically nothing: few times, and when also one. In my cases cheaper always it turned out to go through travel agency. However it is just more economic to go to Europe independently through loukostovy airlines, well or by bus - as it is pleasant to whom.

Last-minute tours

turn out burning when it is necessary to fill the remained blank spaces on the plane (something did not redeem, someone refused, etc.) therefore just the part of airfare - the most expensive component of the permit chips in together. Nothing dangerous in purchase of such rounds is noticed. The most “burning“ and respectively cheap - with a departure next day or during the next three - five days, it can be both minus, and plus.

Happens that to the country where the visa which is made out, for example, two weeks is required, round begins “to burn“ just for these two weeks - that is you take off nearly next day after receipt of a visa.

Travel agency or travel agent?

the Travel agency differs from tour operator in what sells not the product, and just a product of tour operator. Operators much less, than agencies, I prefer to buy tours at agencies - because the choice more. As a rule, they scan proposals practically of all operators and give out optimum for you. The operator sells only the product.

Yes, and we do not forget to cadge 5% a discount yet.

We will pass directly to purchase of the permit . We look on the website of firm of the offer to the country interesting us. We choose, respectively, the necessary date of a departure, we look through hotels, we are defined in the price.

Yes, about hotels. After minutes 20 - ti readings of responses you will have a feeling that you ate something very tasteless... Or saw the forum “muzhiki_kozla“ for half a year at once. Responses are written in style “each in his own way“ and “I sling mud better“. Therefore you learn to read on diagonal, just pulling out the facts. That is if write everywhere that in hotel disconnect hot water - means, something in it is. And if write that food tasteless and personnel boorish (and it meets more often than in every second response) - most likely, the writing such response belongs to the category which likes to prove what is on a visit good and it is better than the house.

About hotels in Egypt write “The desert around - what horror!“, about Turkey “Personnel - continuous Turks, a nightmare!“, about Cyprus it is possible to find the surprising fact in responses - it was the small island. As a rule, it is worth esteeming about existence in numbers of the hair dryer, the conditioner, and also safe in hotel.

the Arrangement concerning the sea

In actual fact turns out that if the hotel is located closer, than 500 - 700 meters from the sea are a remarkable hotel. Especially, often these 500 - 700 meters can be cut off. Also it is desirable to choose hotel closer to the airport - that later flight not to shiver as much in the bus, let and with the conditioner yet.

as food

As tell

, on “all - inclusive“ should go only to egipta - Turkey, in other places (and even in the same Egypt, by the way) it is much more interesting to eat out of hotel.

All - favourite domestic “all inclusive“. What is included? All your food in the territory of hotel, some services like a gym (not always) and local drinks is included in permit cost. Is still of UltraAll - when cost included also drinks import though well it is possible to get drunk also local.

HB - of half - board , a half board. As a rule, the breakfast plus a dinner, sometimes a dinner according to the preliminary arrangement can be changed for a lunch.

- of bed & breakfast - usually the breakfast is already included by VV in the cost of your room in hotel. As a rule, breakfasts pass on the buffet system till 10 in the morning.

We will return to our permits. More - we decide on hotel less. Specifically without resting in some one, we call in travel agency, we specify existence of places in the plane and relevance of the prices on the website.

If the visa is necessary - we specify terms, cost (the visa is paid in addition, its price is not included the permit in the price) and necessary documents. We ask to throw off the questionnaire if is. It is better to be photographed at once (in advance having learned requirements to the photo), to take all the documents, necessary for the visa, and already with them to go to travel agency. Well, and with the international passport and money.

In firm already specifically we choose hotel, it is desirable to specify airline (some feel ill at ease to fly Vasyuki - an Avia airline), approximate time of a departure and arrival (to foreknow whether night flight is necessary and as, depending on it to be with work). Yes, begin to speak supposedly you understand, same the charter, time of a departure becomes clear at the last minute... In the schedule all the same at airlines certain time of a departure which, as a rule, coincides with specified then in the ticket is hammered. Happens that the agent cannot answer this question, then it is possible just to learn airline and to look at the rest at them on the website.

When agreed on the option arranging all, we pay round - all or partially, depending on conditions and time which remained to a departure, we give the passport and documents for the visa (if the visa is necessary), we agree about your next meeting with the agent. With ourselves we take away the contract with the check.

By the way!! With this permit at absence according to it more than 5 days you can go then to your ZhEK and there demand recalculation of a rent. Trifle, but nevertheless. Not all know about it!

So, have to enter the round paid by you: flight, a transfer the airport - hotel - the airport, accommodation with the chosen food type, the health insurance, the visa (in case it is made out in advance (separately). In such countries, for example, as Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Israel, the visa is put down on entrance and it is paid already at the airport of arrival ($15-20 or are free).

By the way if tour is taken in advance - better to issue an insurance from not departure. About 1000 rubles for two (depending on the number of days), and are quieter and quieter.

We go home, again we read responses, we receive the necessary charge and we wait for the agent`s call. Yes, happens so that places in hotel are provided only on demand, that is the agent requests existence of places in hotel, during the one or two days calls back to you and speaks, confirmed the order or there are no places. In the latter case you choose other hotel from offered (by phone), procedure repeats. Surcharge is sometimes necessary, but it usually suffers to the second meeting with the agent.

The package of documents is given to you on the eve of a departure, sometimes it is ready in one or two days, but is rare. Check:

- the passport with the visa (if it is necessary);

- the air ticket there and back;

- an insurance on your name;

- the voucher.

It is an obligatory set of documents.

Can arrive to travel agency on the eve of a departure and to take away documents personally. It is more preferable. Many suggest to meet their representative for an hour prior to registration at the airport and to take away all there.

But! In - the first if there was any mistake, at office of firm nevertheless there is a probability to correct it. In - the second, there were cases when the representative forgot to arrive, got stuck in a stopper or overslept. These are nerves, it is probability of not departure, well and other. The human factor - one of the most unreliable therefore it is better to be puzzled the day before and to go to travel agency, than then to jump on the airport with stared and validol.

Well and... have a good trip!