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The coffee diploma or What espresso ristretto differs from latte makiato in?

Who does not love coffee, this fragrant tonic? Coffee - the main competitor of tea.

Coffee, to be exact drinks from coffee, we know long ago. In Soviet period drank in the mornings even three types of coffee: ground with chicory, instant and barrel (in a public catering).

Now the situation around coffee cardinally changed. In - the first, it was allowed to call on average a sort. In - the second, hot drinks from natural coffee became very much that not so just to understand them. Whether reflected, for example, than espresso ristretto differs from latte makiato? Let`s try to make it.

We will begin with a basic basis of all coffee drinks -

of Coffee of espresso

It (language it does not turn to tell) prepares from the pressed coffee of a high milling through which under pressure pass the water which is warmed up up to the temperature of 90 C.

Classical or standard norm of coffee of espresso:

for the portion - a coffee tablespoon (about 7 g);

30 mg of drink move in a cup on 60 mg.

of Espresso doppio

(For those who do not know Italian, explain - double.)

Time double, so goes for its preparation two tablespoons of coffee and at the exit 50-60 ml of drink turn out. And the cup is intended for it big too - on 90-100 ml.

Note: it is accepted to pour in too little in order that the client incidentally did not burn hot drink from natural coffee.

of Coffee on - is American

(In all languages sounds equally - americano.)

It is a standard portion of the espresso divorced hot water to 75-95 ml. Too moves in cups about 150 ml.

Also other portions and dilution are possible. Then coffee and water are pumped separately.

of Latte

One part of espresso mix

with three parts of boiled milk. From above put the shaken-up dairy foam. Sugar is poured to taste. Give in a tall glass or a big cup.

of Latte makiato

This the same latte, only in other proportions and without mixing. On one part of espresso - 1,5 parts of milk and 1,5 parts of dairy foam. Milk coffee, and from above - dairy foam pour a glass down, then. Coffee does not mix up with milk, thanks to more high temperature and low density.

Moves in a glass, a glass or a special cup with a straw.

Well as, were not tired? Then we move further.

of Coffee on - Irish

In a heat resisting glass pour a portion of whisky, add a sugar teaspoon. The received mix is heated over naked flame that sugar thawed. Add a portion of espresso. From above decorate with whipped cream. Mokko`s

Milk and chocolate heat

in a glass until chocolate does not thaw and will not mix up with milk. Then pour in espresso. From above - whipped cream and chocolate shaving.

of Espresso ristretto

(Aha, reached, at last.)

Well, it is just stronger espresso - on a tablespoon of coffee of water take twice less than usual. At the exit - 20-25 ml of very strong drink on one - two drinks. It is traditionally drunk without sugar.

of the Cappuccino

the Most famous name of hot drink in Russia from natural coffee. It is a standard portion of espresso with the shaken-up milk. Preparation proportions: a third of coffee, a third of the shaken-up milk and a third of dairy foam. From above strew with chocolate powder, cocoa or cinnamon.

of Espresso of Romano

the Standard portion of espresso with a lemon: segment, topping or dried peel.

of Ays - coffee

Mix espresso, brown sugar, not sweetened concentrated milk or cream. Pour in a tall glass with ice. Instead of ice it is possible to ask to put ice cream.

It is time to be brief. the Service jacket - a press

In the vessel of the same name coffee of a coarse grinding fill in

with water of temperature of 90 C and insist. By means of the vertical piston with the mesh filter wring out a thick and spill drink on cups.

Hot drinks from natural coffee, it appears, happen different - for every taste it consuming.