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Stomatology - the Wrong bite whether it is worth treating?

About fifteen percent of people have the bite which is brought closer to ideal. And the tendency to decrease in data of stomatologic statistics is observed. Only in this case the bite does not need correction. It is necessary when the violation of a bite expressed also already led not only to change of a configuration of the person, but also to violations of the speech, chewing and breath.

In essence the bite is a condition of tooth alignments of the top and lower jaws in close situation. Understand such position of jaws at which each of teeth of the top jaw interacts with similar and tooth of the lower jaw as a normal, or physiological bite. At the same time teeth of the top jaw in relation to teeth of the lower jaw settle down ahead. In tooth alignments intervals between teeth are absent.

Anomaly of a bite is a deviation from normal relationship of tooth alignments of the top and lower jaws. If you have an anomaly of a bite, then never late to be engaged in in treatment , but easier and best of all you gain effect at an early stage of violation of a bite!

Reasons of emergence of anomalies of a bite.

congenital the reasons of violations, i.e. inheritance by the child of the anomaly of a bite which is available for one of parents Exist. can refer to external reasons uneven development of jaws, violation of production of hormones by a thyroid gland and many other things.

Most often treatment is shown with the cosmetic purpose. In other cases the specialized orthodontic help is required.

Kinds of bites.

the Ortognatichesky bite is when teeth of the top jaw block teeth of the lower jaw. when foreteeth of the top jaw block the teeth of lower of the same name. The Ortognatichesky bite is the most “correct“ bite. And also it is the most widespread bite of the modern person.

the Direct bite represents a look when cutting edges of the top foreteeth do not block lower of the same name, and at the same time are closed with them end-to-end.

the Progenichesky bite is when foreteeth of the lower jaw are located ahead of top, at the same time the first small molar contacts along with the same tooth of the lower jaw and with behind the standing tooth.

At biprognatichesky bite cutters on the lower and top jaw are inclined towards a mouth threshold, however at the same time between these teeth is available rezhushche - bugorkovy contact.

It is necessary to correct the wrong bite as curve teeth can adversely affect destiny of the person and to become the reason of psychological problems of the person. But even if to overcome a psychological complex, problems which they cause (lack of contact between teeth at the wrong smykaniye of teeth does not give properly it is chewed food and to process it that leads to various diseases of internals), do not decide by itself.