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How to treat cold folk remedies?

are familiar With cold (rhinitis) everything. Most often he “comes“ to us in the fall and in the winter, causing the mass of unpleasant feelings, complicates communication, prevents to work, and at night does not allow to sleep, at all blocking breath by a nose. Usually the viral infection, an allergy or influence of adverse external factors - a smoke, dust, chemical preparations, pungent smells, etc.

in the Summer of this year happens the reason of cold, strangely enough, the abnormal heat led to growth of the catarrhal diseases accompanied with cough and cold. The reason is banal - conditioners, ice drinks, ice cream, etc. of

Folk remedies usually treat only the cold connected with colds, flu, a SARS. Some folk remedies can be applied also at allergic cold, but it is necessary to approach their choice very accurately as it is possible to aggravate a situation, pollen, disputes and even a smell of separate plants happen the reason of such cold.

Cold can also pass in many cases in 7 - 10 days, but it is desirable to treat it, at least the elementary means as it can pass into a chronic form, “having awarded“ with sinusitis (antritis, plays the dandy, etmoidit) or otitis.

The mankind is familiar with cold since ancient times therefore traditional medicine offers the mass of ways and means of its treatment. Is among them universal, widely applied in many countries, and is also such which are used only in certain regions.

Cold at the first stage when, as they say, only began to tickle in a throat is the best of all to begin to treat and itches in a nose. There is a probability to manage to cure it before it really begins, or, in this case it will proceed in easier form.

First of all at emergence of symptoms of cold it is necessary to exclude a possibility of overcooling and to show “hot care“ of an organism. Ways there is a lot of - to avoid whenever possible impact of sharp difference of temperatures and drafts, to be steamed in a bath, to take a bath with sea salt or preparations (broths, infusions, tinctures) from herbs, in cold weather to make a hot bathtub for legs, to put on warm socks in which mustard (in them is filled and to sleep) as the option - mustard plasters on heels, etc. of

At the beginning cold well helps warming up of a nose and area of gaymorovy bosoms. For what sacks with heated salt, sand, buckwheat, just hard-boiled eggs or potato in “uniforms“ can be used.

For prevention of development of cold inhalation with infusion of a calendula, eucalyptus, other curative plants, an instillation in a nose of fir, cedar, sea-buckthorn oil, drawing on the developed viruses of “blow“ phytoncides will not prevent for what it is possible just to inhale a smell of the crushed onions or garlic, to eat them, naturally, in reasonable quantities. It is worth taking care and about strengthening of immunity of an organism, at least to give it a shock dose of vitamin C - a lemon, currant, a dogrose, etc. You should not forget about honey and tea with raspberry, lime color, a St. John`s Wort.

All transferred funds can continue to be used and in case cold did not manage to be prevented. But they, as a rule, become insufficiently, comes it is time to apply also other means which traditional medicine can offer. Usually medicines are applied to washing and an instillation in a nose, carrying out inhalations and intake.

The elementary structure for washing of a nose - the warm added some salt water with addition of baking soda and several drops of iodine. It is possible to use sea salt, but only not flavored structures intended for reception of bathtubs. Infusions and broths of a St. John`s Wort, calendula, eucalyptus, dandelion, burdock, a wood louse, a peppermint, meadowsweet are also applied to washing, etc.

in a nose apply the fresh juice of plants, infusions, broths divorced water of tincture and oil To an instillation. Juice of beet, carrots, a plantain, aloe, kalanchoe, onions is used. Consider that pure juice can cause strong burning. For a start try to dig the minimum quantity in one nostril if there are no unpleasant feelings, it is possible to apply. If there was a burning, juice needs to be dissolved with boiled water, broth or infusion (for example, a St. John`s Wort, an eucalyptus, a calendula), and in some cases and to refuse its application.

By the same principle approach also use of broths, infusions and oils from herbs - at first dig in the minimum dose if unpleasant feelings did not arise, then it is possible to continue treatment.

Instead of an instillation it is possible to insert the tampons moistened with medical structure into a nose. In this case longer impact of medicinal substances on mucous membranes is provided.

At cold inhalations well help. The elementary option - to breathe over steam. For this purpose it is possible to pour boiled water about a liter in any convenient capacity, to add to it a quarter of a teaspoon of baking soda, a honey tablespoon, several drops of curative oil or infusion of herbs. To be covered with the head a towel and to breathe 5 - 10 minutes. Recently various household inhalers were available for sale. It is natural that efficiency of application of an inhaler is much higher, than simple inhalation of steam. It is better to carry out inhalation before going to bed or after it at least minutes 20 - 30 to have a rest, without going outside and without doing sharp movements, but the optimal variant - to have a rest at least 1,5 - 2 hours.

Inside at cold usually accept broths and infusions of the same plants that are used for washing of a nose, an instillation and inhalation. Options of preparation of preparations there is a set. Most often for this purpose use a St. John`s Wort, a sage, mint, a pustyrnik, a train, mother - and - the stepmother, a burdock, a primrose, a meadowsweet, leaves of an eucalyptus, blackcurrant, birch and a willow, flowers of a calendula, linden, hawthorn, berry of raspberry, blackcurrant, black-fruited mountain ash, a guelder-rose, hips, roots nine-force, glycyrrhizas, alteya, buds of a pine, a fir, a cedar etc. Broths and infusions do

as of one concrete plant, and complex which enter from two to five herbs. Drink broths and infusions as a rule to food and before going to bed.

It is possible to find a set of recipes of preparation of medicines for treatment of cold in the Internet and various reference books. If you are going to follow them, surely take an interest in properties of plants, especially that which are a little known to you. Among them can be poisonous which are used in small amounts and strictly limited time, for example, the Labrador tea marsh and chistotet. As a rule, preparations from such plants are applied only to instillations and washings of a nose. Especially carefully choose plants for use at inhalation, should not get to their number even moderately poisonous as a St. John`s Wort which, by the way, and at the use inside cannot be abused.

There is a mass of available folk remedies which are used at treatment of cold. But it is worth to remember that cold is not so harmless as it seems at first sight. If in real terms it is not possible to cope with the illness, surely see a doctor.