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Whom or what is mourned by a cuckoo? Predanye of old times

the Cuckoo was not too lucky in sense of modern treatment of a symbolical image … Careless mother call, the idler, he is familiar grief and widowhood. And happened - that absolutely in a different way in ancient times. It was considered as Zeus`s attribute, in this appearance it appeared before Hera who since then placed the image of a bird on the scepter. She was Phoenicians` royal bird too. In the Tibetan “Book about birds“ it appears as one of the hidden forms of Buddha Avalokiteshvara!

Many people recognized a cuckoo by a soul embodiment, the prophetess and the messenger of spring. Still half-joking asking it about that how many the person needed to live takes place. And earlier asked also about whether there will be successful a marriage what harvest etc. will be. It testifies to a cosmogonic role of the character, communication with Destiny. What to say yes: at Slavs the gray bird corresponded to the heavenly goddess Zhiva. Also it arrives on the earth from Iriya - heavenly paradise, and for the winter again there goes.

About the reasons of cuckoo tears in honor of which the flower a yatryshnik is called there are different versions. According to the Russian national fairy tale, she unsuccessfully told fortunes on the promised, having thrown a wreath together with sisters: it was picked up by water. The owner of water demanded to Arinushk to himself, and she refused until he seized the poor thing once by a hand when it rinsed linen on the small river.

The girl asked for help of a willow and a deer, but they did not decide to stand up, and only the cuckoo said the word. In anger exclaimed water that will release, but only having turned into a cuckoo, hit on a hand, and right there she turned back a bird. Grieved unfortunate for a family, for a home, cried, and then hit against the earth and broke to death.

By the Belarusian option, all fault magicians who at a wedding turned all being present men, including the groom, in wolves, women - in forty, and the bride - in a cuckoo. She flies on the woods, searching for darling and cries with a grief.

In Altai tell other story. The maiden - the beauty from a poor family attracted to the rich man to Zaysan, and it was going to transfer matchmakers. Parents, having considered that to it with such husband not to see happiness, turned the daughter into a cuckoo, and it took off for a flue and with crying went woodward, on the way crying.

The Nenets plot reports that one woman turned back a cuckoo from - for the cruel sons who did not pump sick mother waters, being occupied with game. The Kamchatka Itelmens consider that everything occurred from - for the separated lovers, a knyazhich of Igor and the commoner Olga who presented to it once a yatryshnik. They have a belief that if early in the morning to swim in the lake on which coast the yatryshnik grows then it is possible to find fadeless beauty and eternal youth. At last, there is a version that turned the respectable widow who helped other women into a cuckoo.

In the Bashkir fairy tale it is said that the old man with the old woman had two daughters, one native to the spouse, Fatima, another - the stepdaughter, Gaysha. Hardworking and modest Gaysha once, having scooped water from the small river, found a goldfish who begged in a bucket to release it, promising to give to the girl for it beauty to which even “the moon will not be compared“.

She kept the promise, and then the stepmother sent the native daughter behind water, but that refused to a small fish a request and right there became speckled, thick and angry on language. The message about unprecedented beauty of the girl quickly extended after the district so the hansky son sent matchmakers, and then and itself arrived. The stepmother presented them Fatima, but, having heard Gaysha`s voice from - for ovens, released the captive and took away where celebrated a wedding soon.

When at newlyweds the child was born, Gaysha`s spouse allowed it to stay for a while in a home. One kind old woman warned young mother that when she leaves the aul, the stepmother will try to stop her, and on her call it is impossible to turn around at all. Gaysha turned back, right there became a cuckoo and departed, having begun to cry.

The child, having been left without mother, cried the whole days without a break, then called Fatima to the palace, but the boy did not calm down. It went to the fortuneteller, and that taught where to go and what words to pronounce. The boy`s woman to the specified place brought and made as it was told, and Gaysha went down from a tree, accepted human shape and fed the child who calmed down at once.

The Hansky son very much was surprised to such change in behavior of the son and forced Fatima to admit then he tracked it next day and when Gaysha appeared in a human appearance, seized her and brought home. Generally, in this case everything ended safely.

The given examples show with all evidence that it is at least about the person offended during lifetime and injured innocently. Here perhaps not the closest analogy, but nevertheless not causeless occurs: the thrown brides became mermaids, and they were able to fly too. Otherwise how to be with Pushkin: “The mermaid on branches sits“? Not on all fours she climbed up a tree. And the leader of mermaids owned a well with water of life, i.e. too was connected with motive of Destiny.


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Cuckoo slezk which are called still a paltsekornik, and also “a kiselny root“ it was long since used in traditional medicine. From it prepared kissels and soups as from valuable improving means. It is useful at treatment of diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path and airways, impotence, as antidote, at dystrophy and exhaustion. But now it in the Red List …