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Whether it is possible to become harmonous in 10 days? Easily! Without diets, additives and restrictions of

with This way to lose excess weight I shared for all the life with everyone from whom at least once heard the complaint to extra kilos. And on the Internet at various forums, and in the blogs placed. It always caused revival, many at once started polishing of a figure, and never I heard negative responses. Those who it is honest implemented all recommendations, really lost weight.

There was a criticism, there were different opinions, among them and mistrustful “Nonsense at once!“. But doctors who recognized that from this “not diet“ one continuous advantage - you will not strongly grow thin, so also occurred among commentators though you will restore health.

And the most important - it is possible to eat so much how many there is a wish, it is not obligatory to play sports (and I am an idler). Well, that is, to starve as on some diets, there is no need. This

“not diet “ can be repeated when suddenly you relaxed and again “ate too much“ on holiday, for example. I three times in life within several years (after the delivery and after prolonged nourishing holidays) lost weight from 8 to 12 kg, striking girlfriends, the husband and colleagues with sudden change to the best.

We moved to Belarus when to me there were all years nine. My great-grandmother was a person from “knowing“: and was engaged in herbs, and had some abilities of clairvoyance. She lived up to hundred twelve years. Yes, by the way, died, one may say, on an oversight - fell from a porch and broke a hip neck. Well, also did not grow together, so to speak … with

And so, the first plant which it found somewhere in the wood brought and put in a garden, the dogrose was . Observing our family tradition started by my Praskoviya Matveevna I and now always I hold on a kitchen table a decanter with light broth of a dogrose. And we, and children drink daily a drink behind a drink this a miracle - drink instead of water. Therefore whether whether is not present, but in our family nobody ever is ill (fie! fie! fie!) . Policlinics meet us only when the reference to the pool or in school is necessary.

And here it happened to me somehow, about twenty years ago, during business trip to Germany to overhear discussion on local TV about a healthy lifestyle, in particular, about weight reduction there. The grandfather is a sorcerer, shprekhat in native German about a dogrose and “not diet“. I who at that time strongly grew plump after the second childbirth attentively listened to everything and wrote down. Then and from Larisa Dolina heard in some transfer that it in the same way similar, at least, drove tens of kg.

Lovely ladies and gentlemen, without applying for authorship, without having other evidence, except as my word of honor, I will share also with you. I hope to hear in ten days good responses .

So, we will stipulate the main thing:

Limit yourself as much as possible in sugar and salt at least these days.

can Drink coffee, tea, water. Drink coffee and tea without sugar, better add a tag. Surely - dogrose broth . Do not buy the overdried colourless fruits in drugstores. For the sake of yourself run on the market, buy beautiful red fruits and make berries 10 - 15 on 1,5 - a liter thermos. It is not necessary to split up, grind. Do not do broth strong , a dogrose - a diuretic. It is possible to drink both the hot and cooled broth. It is sweet, sugar absolutely superfluous here.

Eat how many you want. In the evening, of course, better not is. But the grandfather about it told nothing German. I also ate.

do not break the main principle: if you have in the menu a chicken or cottage cheese today, please, do not eat even one small apple, ice cream or sunflower seeds. Do not frighten a stomach, do not irritate it.

Alcoholic drinks, except a glass of dry or moist red wine, are excluded.

needs to exclude All 10 days bread and grain from a diet.

the Number of the kilograms which “escaped“ from you, naturally, depends on requirement of an organism. If you are already slender and, having dumped ten kg, risk to fly up also without balloon, of course, do not expose claims like “And at me only 3 kg left“! Well, of course, than fuller you, the more in you superfluous, the you also will say goodbye to big weight.

Weight is not gained after the termination “not diets“ at all. But, of course, I feed hope (as well as that German sorcerer - the author of this recipe of weight loss) that you also want to adhere to such diet in the future.

So, food:

Put 1. Hard boiled eggs.

Day 2. Boiled chicken.

Day 3. Cottage cheese.

Day 4. Fish boiled or prepared in an oven.

Day 5. Fruit (except banana and grapes), it is possible separately and in the form of salatik.

Day 6. Vegetables (I always do vinaigrette, I fill slightly with masliyets vegetable).

Day 7. Boiled beef, veal or mutton. It is possible to prepare in a double boiler with spices.

Day 8. Cheese.

After 8 - go usually already there is no wish to eat day at all.

Day 9. Only kefir.

Day 10. Only dogrose broth.

It is possible to interchange the position of days (or, in general, to think up the product), it is possible to drink only the specified drinks.

Ya used cunning and so: on meat, chicken, fish cooked soup for all family, with spices and salt, and then took ““, leaving to a family only tasty broth.

If suddenly you were invited on a visit, or to you the company goes to shish kebabs, this day make to yourself, for example, boiled meat or a bird, drink red wine - nobody will notice that you on a diet.

I wish all good luck and health!