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How many kilometers in mile, and grams in pound? We translate the English units of measure of

Very often in the English and American literature it is possible to meet not absolutely clear metric units like miles, feet, yards, inches - especially if the translator was too lazy to transform them to meters and kilograms convenient to our perception. It is also possible that you in perfection mastered Shakespeare`s language and you read the English-speaking press in the original - in this case knowledge of what these sizes are will be useful too. So, give one after another.


This linear measure came to us from antiquity and has a set of versions and, as a result, values - from 580 meters in the Egyptian mile to more than 11 kilometers in Norwegian. However, in most cases understand as mile British (or American) mile - of 1609 meters 34 centimeters . So if length mention in miles occurred in the text or the movie to you, and you need to estimate approximately how many it will be in kilometers, - safely multiply on 1,5. However, it is also necessary to distinguish nautical mile which is used in navigation and aircraft - it a little more long and 1852 meters make .


According to a legend, was taken as a basis of inch length of the top phalanx of a thumb. Of course, the finger to a finger discord, and therefore the standard value is considered 2,54 centimeters . So if now your child will ask what growth there was Thumbelina in Andersen`s fairy tale, you will be able to answer with an accuracy.


As foot is 12 inches, and value to count quite easily: 30,48 centimeters . Thus, if to you value in feet meets, and it is more habitual to you to realize in meters, then just divide it into three. So, the ancient sea wish “a fair wind and seven feet near Kiel“ meant that 2 meters 10 centimeters have to be enough that the vessel did not hit against soil.


Is three feet, or 91,44 centimeters . As the yard falls short of meter only a little, if you do not need high precision, it is even possible not to translate this metric unit. And the name of the famous comedy with Bruce Willis “Nine yards“ does not seem an unclear set of letters now. (However, to be fair we will note that the name is the phraseological unit and all is translated as “up to the end, without the rest“).

the Acre

the Word which is often used in crossword puzzles and is the answer to the question “English measure of the area“. Really, under an acre ancient British meant a ground which processes for day of steam of bulls. The acre is equal in the accuracy 4046,86 of square meter , or about 1/250 parts of square kilometer. You will not envy that couple of bulls which should process square kilometer of the earth - they should work the whole eight months! Pound

not to confuse

to foot! If the foot means distance, then pound - the mass of a subject. By the way, the pound sterling initially was pound of silver coins, 453,6 grams , that is nearly a half a kilo. Very often modern exercise machines like the bicycle or a racetrack suggest to enter body weight before occupation. Be attentive, if the exercise machine is made in England or the USA, then, most likely, it asks you to specify weight in pounds. But it is not a problem - just double the weight in kilograms and report it to the exercise machine. (And here beginning to prepare according to old Russian recipe-books, consider that the Russian pound is less, only 410 grams.)


Is 1/16 pound, that is 28,35 grams . It is used in medicine for weighing of preparations, and also in perfumery. Look at packing of vashikhdukh - for certain you will find designation of a look 3 there. 3 fl. oz. - it is also designation of weight (or, more precisely, than volume) perfume in ounces.

For the majority of cases of the listed units will be enough so now you should not puzzle over the English designations of length or weight. Simple rules not only will keep peace of mind when reading of the interesting, not processed by the lazy translator book, but also will make you more erudite. If a kick in soccer is taken from distance of 12 yards, then it is not so difficult to transfer this value to meters, the truth?