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Why to eat properly it is harmful to our health?

In the world are full of researches, the scientific works and articles united by one subject It is wrong to eat - harmfully . Many arguments are given to protection of each theory, but nobody says that to eat healthy food also quite incorrectly. our article is urged to fill with

this annoying misunderstanding and to tell why to eat properly, the healthy balanced food is harmful to our health and as it is necessary to eat that it was useful for an organism.

1. If to eat food, only observing the mode and balance and not to abuse, then you will never gain weight. And without weight there is no thickness in a grasp also, and without it in the modern world already anywhere. Remember that the good person has to be much, well very much just much. It is necessary that it it was visible. And trifles that thereby you create the strongest load of heart, a liver and additional load of other bodies and you promote their fastest failure. It is important what the person has to be much!

2. In healthy environmentally friendly food of some vitamins it is observed very little. And the organism without them cannot live, begins to suffer. On our researches, the most necessary vitamins - fats, carcinogens and others useful himichesko - toxic substances - contain in various fast food. Such ecologically faultless restaurants as McDonald`s and to it similar act as an example. Regular eating of this food contributes to normalization of vitamin balance, gives an organism in vigorously - a depression and promotes the fastest implementation of item 1. All who claim that in this food there is nothing will be wrong, they understand nothing the toxicity and chemical compounds extremely useful to an organism. At successful combination of circumstances they can paint your skin in various colors, thereby allocating you in gray sad crowd.

3. To eat hot food and according to the schedule it is harmful! Thereby you interfere with development of gastritis, ulcer and things, other, vital for an organism. In the presence of these lovely kickshaws (an ulcer, gastritis) the food begins to be digested not simply and thoughtlessly, and very much even cheerfully and intriguingly. Think, thereby you do the life to more saturated. Those who can tell that an ulcer - it is very sick and pernicious just understand nothing life. At the moment in a favor at the majority such thing as various diets. And what pain can be compared to a strong feeling of hunger? Perhaps, that any.

Now you know why to eat properly and is balanced - quite risky. Eating so, you keep the organism in integrity and safety, care for its functioning, thereby prolonging the life. And girls, future mothers, besides the health which will allow them to take out and safely to give rise, will impart health and to the kid.

But it is boring! - you will tell. - It is better to eat which - as well as then to ruin all money for doctors! And I, unfortunately and deep grief, will agree with you, as well as the vast majority of inhabitants on our planet.

Appetite pleasant to you and good health. Also do not take everything very much to heart.