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What color sound And?

you never thought of why a lily call the LILY , but not a burdock or karagach?

Each word has a value. But not only words make value and sense. The sense is both in sounds, and in their combinations.

As for imitative words like ku - ku or ku - - re - ku then everything is clear. The word a thunder and sounds rattles , a rustle - rustles , peep - peeps , got hoarse - rattles .

Words an arrow, promptly, the guard, a dragonfly, a hawk, quickly, the string, a meeting, sharp, the island matter, connected with the movement, with something sharp, sharp. And all of them contain a combination of STR . It is not casual.

Ask the acquaintances to tell: what sound seems to them more - I or O ? Most likely, you will be answered: About . Ask that is more rough - I or P ? You will be answered: R . What sound is better - D or F ? It is clear, that D .

Remember, we speak soft and hard consonants . But sounds cannot be touched. They cannot have and growth though we got used to speak: sounds high and low. Probably, something is it that forces us to consider: And it is more pleasant, than X , O is lighter than Y , P quicker than Sh , L is softer than B .

Professor A. P. Zhuravlev with group of scientists made a set of experiments and came to a conclusion that all sounds have the color, the form, value. These researches confirm thought that our sound speech has also color coloring.

If to consider vowels, then almost all will tell that the letter A red color. And - blue color, U - it is dark - blue or Xing - green color, O , Yo - orange, Ya - pink, Y - black, brown, E - is yellow - green, E - white color.

All words we can divide in the flowers. Depending on that, what " color; the text or the poem, is formed ours to it the relation, his our feeling. For example, we will take a fragment from S. Yesenin`s cycle Persian motives :

Vozd at x transparent and with and N and y,

Vyyd at in flower thickets and .

of P at tn and to, in a manhole at r at hodyashch and y

You will not reach to p at styn and .

Vozd at x transparent and with and N and y.

All poem is fanned by light grief not only because in it three times blue color is called. The sound I exceeds norm twice, creating feeling of blue. The sound U also exceeds norm, causing feeling is dark - blue or Xing - green color. Therefore when reading this poem we have no pleasure (though air transparent, and flower thickets ).

To imagine two fantastic animals: one round and fluffy, and another is similar to a peaked star. One is called of a mamalyn , and another - of a zhavarug . Of course, you will tell that a mamalyna round and kind, and a zhavaruga acute-angled and prickly.

Then that words at us all multi-colored, raznoformenny. The prickly, dark word it is possible to offend, and soft and light - to please.

And what color your words?