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How to struggle with cold? 5 effective methods.

If at you became a habit to be ill on it is unknown to what circle in a year, the methods of fight against cold described here will be useful to you.

Cold is dangerous not in itself, and the complications. Often there are such complications as:

laryngitis (the throat inflammation - vanishes a voice);

pharyngitis (a throat inflammation - pain when swallowing, constant requirement to clear the throat);

bronchitis (an inflammation of the top airways - in the beginning dry painful cough, and then - with a phlegm);

otitis (an inflammation of a middle ear - the sharp shooting ear pain);

rhinitis (cold);

quinsy (or tonsillitis - an inflammation of almonds);

and at a heavy course of disease - heart troubles.

It is interesting to me whether there is someone from readers who managed not to have at least a half of diseases of the offered list? Respond! Is not present? Then we engage with cold immediately! The listed below methods are developed by me throughout my long-term practice on fight against cold.

1. Urgent measures .

For example if you had wet feet - at once as soon as you appear at home, first of all rub legs with vodka or alcohol, warm them properly and put on dry woolen socks. It is possible to paste mustard plasters on soles. Now let out not such mustard plasters, as in Soviet period. They it is more convenient in application, and on packing there is a card of a body of the person that the nobility where and for what to put them. They will be useful to you not only at cold.

2. Natural antibiotics .

Onions and garlic - one of the best natural antibiotics. Therefore eat onions and garlic, and also inhale fumes of onions, especially if you already had a cold. Garlic needs to be chewed, but not to swallow, otherwise the advantage will not be. And to get rid of a smell or, at least, considerably to reduce it, rinse a mouth lemon juice. Near a bed for the night put the cut bulb (the smell will disturb you only in the beginning, and then you adapt, and even tears will not well up).

3. Plentiful drink .

Before going to bed surely drink 2 cups of tea with honey or with a lemon (for strengthening of effect you can add pepper) or milk with honey. It is necessary that milk and tea surely were hot. Well muffle and try to have a sleep as long as possible.

4. Hot shower or bathtub .

At the first symptoms of a disease it is necessary to take a hot shower. Try to warm up a face, a neck, a breast. If heart allows, and there is no high temperature, take instead of a shower a hot bath within 10 - 15 minutes. Then dry you are wiped and go to bed, having wrapped up with a blanket, and it is better - two, a propoteyta under a blanket of minutes 30 - 40. For this purpose drink a glass of grassy infusion or tea with raspberry, honey or propolis.

5. To sleep, sleep and to sleep once again .

It is known that in a dream our organism restores the forces. Take care of having a sleep at least 8 - 9 hours. The good dream is a good rest.

Thus, we attack cold in three directions at once:

we Strengthen army , that is we activate protective forces of an organism (a bathtub, a dream, honey).

we Hold the fort , that is we remove microbes and products of their toxic activity (a bathtub, plentiful drink).

we Conduct military operations , that is we destroy microbes (garlic, onions, propolis).

You, probably, had a natural question: but it is not easier to go to a drugstore and to buy some aspirin or koldreks? Here the mother - laziness speaks. That it is easier: to drink a couple of tasty tablets or the whole day to drink teas, to smell onions, to eat garlic and honey. But to us it is not allowed to foresee as this sparkling tablet will halloo then, that is whether it will do much harm ours to heart, kidneys, a liver etc. Using folk remedies, you not only are treated, but also increase immunity and fill up your organism with vitamins.

Good luck be also not ill!