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What to present to the woman?

of Warning! If at you at work for February 23 presented to all men of the woman encyclopedias for real men, and to you - the brochure Washing and repair of the brake " system; and you did not understand why, it is not necessary to read further.

Go home, to mother. Light gas in kitchen, trying not to think how much it now, this blue murderer, lay down on a sofa, take cover three blankets and be engaged in something pleasant. Have a sleep, for example. If you are not able to manage with the woman - it is necessary to manage.

However what am I telling? There was a wish to talk to me to you not about it at all, and about gifts. You see what unusual idea... And, above all, fresh.

At first little moss-grown theory. Do not take in head to give to fellow workers and unfamiliar women in general perfumery. Any spirits, shampoos, creams, deodorants and other trifles of individual use. In - the first, you risk not to guess in many parameters, and, in - the second, firm rules of etiquette say that such gifts are equivalent to a hint: Go, wash .

Remember: everything that the woman carries or puts, can give only very much - very close people, previously having discussed all details: size, color, name, etc. So look for a gift in candy stores, it is wine - vodka, souvenir and household departments.

We will consider that we dealt with foreign women, and we will pass to the. For a start remember: the real man - the one who made happy at least one woman. You know, I do not agree that the best friends of girls are diamonds. Just beautiful phrase, no more.

If logically to think, then the best friends of girls are men. Which give these diamonds, fur coats, shoes, well and so on. However, you can tell that it is supposedly strange to hear from the woman an appeal to think logically, especially - from the blonde. For some reason all are sure that blondes in general are not able to think. By the way! It is the most difficult to subdue the silly woman because nothing makes impressions on her.

I will open a secret: image of the idiot helps blondes to live. However, women of all colors are able to play, pretend to be and purr. Fragile, trustful, very naive, and, above all, modest, they walk on the ground, giving to men an opportunity to feel immensely clever, superstrong and reliable as the Fort Knox.

So the best gift to the woman - the loving man. Which gives gifts. Pays compliments. Opens a door. Passes forward. Gives a hand. Gives a fur coat. Knows how to earn money and how to go to library. Well, and the fact that he is a sloven, the bore, the squanderer, the cheapskate, the yap the ladies` man, the alcoholic, the parasite and the hooligan - we will forgive it, each silver cane has a dirty end!