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How to congratulate the driver on Day of the motorist?

From Chita to Casablanca all are more beautiful than a luganchanka! to

it is So written on the website www. calend. ru. Words beautiful, of course. But if indeed to compare Ukraine to the road, the picture is drawn ambiguous, it is rather - depressing. Therefore I will not speak about roads (there are no words literary), and here about culture of our drivers of steam of tender will be.

A joke in a subject (it is based on real conversation):

The Ukrainian asks damned capitalists: When already you take us in the European Union ? And they answer: When your drivers cease to cross a dividing strip . That is, never.

Meanwhile, all know that the road - object of the increased danger. Annually in the country perishes in road accident of 5 - 6 thousand people, 40 thousand are injured. Not all from them - fans of fast driving, part - just the victims. Unfortunately, the sad statistics does not affect hotheads because they are sure: personally nothing happens to them.

I bet, each of us has familiar drivers with psychology of the kamikaze near whom you begin to read Pater Noster also you think in what dress you will be buried. The most terrible that they in a different way are not able to go. Why?

Experts consider that this part of men is programmed by the nature on risk. To all fault the special gene of the stronger sex starting an instinct of self-destruction and suppression of sense of danger. These people are born soldiers who in a peace time are doomed to the natural selection urged to eliminate a freaky element as potentially socially dangerous. All these objective reasons, of course, do not acquit fans to likhachit, cut and drink driving.

Pleases that most of motorists - people quite adequate: go accurately, respect each other and do not violate rules. Some even allow pedestrians to pass through the road. So motorists - it is unconditional, special part of mankind: strong, sure, self-sufficient.

Women often complain: say, this world belongs to men. No, it belongs to drivers. And not because motor transport transports 22% of freights and 88% of passengers, not because the number of new cars increases every year by 50 thousand but because they everywhere: go on roads, stand on sidewalks And pedestrians bypass them on lawns and where there is no lawn - on dirt. Well and whom after that to call the SUV?

Everything, everything was occupied. Even female hearts. Scientists counted that the gain of the Great Lady accelerates in the presence of an iron horse for 88%.

Wives quite reasonably consider that the husband loves the car more. In any case, looks after more often. Washes, rubs and spends for it money - more often unambiguously. And as jealously belongs! To it do not leave in a huff, do not block a mirror, under a hand do not croak Sidi be also silent. Rejoice. But not that on foot you will go. Here also we sit, remembering a familiar expression: it is better to cry in a taxi, than in the tram.

Yes, us, pedestrians, drivers in general for people do not consider. We for them - just guys big-eared. Such impression that drivers as took offense in 1931 at the phrase Pedestrians - the best part of mankind and revenge now, and do not love lovely trustful pedestrians, and carry us as firewood, and at any opportunity presses as if accidentally

If it is honest, us and to love - that especially there is nothing. We cross the street on red light, also with ourselves we drag children, we reach the middle and we begin to twitch to and fro, we stamp along the highway with bags and wheelbarrows, we ask to stop in not put places, and still we write offensive " offers on dirty glasses; Wash me! . Besides, female pedestrians distract drivers from the movement by short skirts and when on transition the driver (certainly, much busier person) tries from - for turn to slip between pedestrians, they twist a finger at a temple and it remember mother too.

Cultures, well, any. Its absence will not prevent us to congratulate all motorists, road builders, and also city aircraft - drivers of minibuses - on a holiday and to wish them the good road, excellent weather, kind GAI officers and that they did not offend us, pedestrians, and left though a little place in the sun.