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How it is beautiful to grow old?

I very much do not want to grow old! And you - are not frightened by an old age?

No, well all of us, of course, do not like to think of it Here and I very much would even like to meet her as it is possible later, by the way. To smile shortly and - to curtail on the neighboring street, and there to get lost in crowd.

Only we know - meetings not to avoid. Is it worth being frightened? We wish each other long years of life as the best. And we carry out the most part of our life in mature and if carries - at very mature age.

As to us to live long, to mature and rejoice to it?

It is accepted to speak about three types of age:

chronological, on date of birth;

biological , is defined by a condition of biological systems of your organism, their compliance to the certain standards (biological markers) average for a certain age;

psychological, in other words - on how many years we feel.

Speak about chronological age - do not say, you will not correct it. Though, one my friend at an exchange of the passport it was mistakenly reduced for the whole 6 years. Even the effect was - flitted as a bird. To the following exchange of the passport. Was afraid that sometime should be proved that it is it And it precisely guarantees loss of nervous cages and additional wrinkles.

The age biological defines our physical health. It can be defined in many clinics dealing with problems of age and rejuvenation. On biological markers of a blood pressure, density of a bone tissue, regulation of body temperature, level of a metabolism, work of immune system, muscular weight and its ratio with a fatty weight, the muscular force, tolerance to sugar, turgor of skin (quantity of wrinkles), level of sex hormones and other important indicators.

At many people decrease in indicators not only in relation to young age, but also in relation to the age norm is observed.

And is also such which physically feel and look much more young. Each of us met such people in the life and noticed that they are united by the special relation to life. And most often people around speak: God of health Gave! Or: Happy character! Incorrigible optimist! . As if emphasizing predefiniteness for them - to remain young people, and for itself - to go down further stream, from year to year gaining fatigue, weight and to grow old. And whether the person can slow down this process? To turn back indications of biological markers?

It is known that biological and psychological age are interconnected much more closely with each other, than with age by chronological. The psychological age, our feeling of at present, is defined by our relation to life, to the process of formation is more senior.

If you appreciate every period the life, fairly believing that with age become better in every respect: spiritually, psychologically, socially, emotionally, your psychological state will be reflected in a state physical surely to the best.

I think, many agreed with it still before read article And how to us, usual, it is not always joyful - optimistical, not always iron - to healthy people to find such condition of spirit which would give us strength and the chance to slow down a biological watch, and even to turn their course back?

I liked council in Dipak Chopra`s blog (IntentBlog. com). The essence is simple - we break a complex challenge on smaller and easily feasible. Well, or rather easily feasible

1. Change the feeling to time. Stop to hurry.

2. Have a rest in a dream.

3. Eat fresh and nutritious food.

4. Accept, at least, two vitamins C minerals daily.

5. Practice psychosomatic technicians, such as yoga or thaw - chi.

6. Be engaged in them regularly.

7. Do not start up poisons in your life, having excluded poisonous food, poisonous emotions, the poisonous relations; avoid both poisonous environment, and a poisonous environment.

8. Have a flexible position in unimportant disputes.

9. You look at so-called problems as on an opportunity.

10. Create and raise the kind, gentle relations.

11. Always be inquisitive and ready to study, walk and you spend time with children.

It is necessary to work over itself. But it can become part of a problem of reduction of the psychological age too: to do good and useful to itself and the future.

It is possible to begin with one or two points, gradually adding new. Life - how my grandmother spoke, ... oh, what long!

Youth all and health!