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How to communicate with the small child?

Presently it was not! - still rather young mothers remember the childhood. And at our children and a toy, any, and a videoshop of animated films, computer games, the illustrated books and everything that can only be thought up for the beloved child. Play - I do not want!

At the same time kids do not want to be engaged independently often or are not able. In total mother and mother . Play, esteem. And mothers become angry - why their children do not play, everything is? And indeed, why?

Game with the child is not just cheerful carrying out time. Game is the main occupation of children after 2 - x years. What else to do how not to play? But suddenly it becomes clear that to play with other children not so already and there is a wish and not really it turns out. And with whom then? Of course, with adults - mother, the father, the grandfather, the grandmother. With those who want to play too, having gone deep into the childhood, to be liberated emotionally, it is simply cheerful to spend time.

But, unfortunately, many parents say that they are not able to play so also do not play with children absolutely. And it is not just necessary to play with children, it is necessary to play. The vital need of children of a year to 3 - x is a need for the adult as in the partner in game. And, as we know, requirements need to be satisfied. If the child tells that he wants to eat, any mother irrespective of, she knows how to cook well or not, will feed the kid. And the requirement of game with adults is not less important for psychological health of the kid, than food.

Games I am different. For children from a year to 1,5 years - visually - handling (nested dolls, pyramids, games with water and bulks etc.) . Closer by two years kids show the increasing interest in role-playing games - we cook soup, we feed a bear cub, we treat the hare, we dress up a doll etc. And after three years begins to develop syuzhetno - a role-playing game - we feed a bear cub, we go on a visit, and then to shop behind purchases etc. of

So that hides under all known nurseries Mother, we will play! ? This desire to satisfy the main requirements of an age category of a year to 3 - x years:

Need for benevolent attention which is felt by all children. The child can even behave badly to receive this attention. Also he waits for attention, with embraces, kisses, pleasant words, different emotions, and not just presence of the adult. It is very important that at the time of communication the attention of the adult did not dissipate (on a habit) on pan contents, the TV, phone, and concentrated only on the child.

Need for the parent as in the partner in game. We want it or not, but the child sees in us object of satisfaction of the requirements.

Need for collaboration with adults. To together plant houseplants, to make vinaigrette, to hang out linen, to wash to the father the car. And what difference that - the main thing, together.

All the time is important to keep in contact with the child. Use all that valuable that expresses your love to the kid, creating the atmosphere of indissoluble communication with it. Having come into contact, arm everything that helps with it, and continue search of ways to approach if you do not receive desired result. So you will develop own system of behavior that will allow you to become closer to each other with the kid.