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Intellectual or intellectual?

Among the unique and surprising phenomena which our country - Russia - gave to the world the certain place is taken by such social phenomenon as the intellectuals. Many clever brains in the West vainly tried to pick up templates to adjust to them this phenomenon, but were forced to recognize that they do not have it - only in Russia. Therefore in the western encyclopedias in the section intellectual always there is a subsection - Russian intellectual . And this with the fact that the Russian intellectuals already exert the third century the most serious impact both on the Russian society in general, and on the power its prederzhashchy part (as now speak - on an imperious component).

In times reorganizations there was such poet - the parodist A. Ivanov conducting the popular then telecast Around laughter . And so, it burst in the " newspaper; News big article in which proved that the intellectuals do not exist and never was, and there are only intellectuals - the people who are professionally engaged in brainwork. At the same time article was sustained in very rigid, I would even tell, spiteful spirit. For what A. Ivanov so strongly became angry on the intellectuals and intellectuals? Not for whether what the main line of the intelligent person is a conscientiousness and sympathy, empathy to people, and those humiliating parodies which were written by A. Ivanov, did not refer it to this category in any way? And then what the manner - to say on behalf of all people, and even - from all mankind is! No, you go about the own business and keep mum in a rag, at best - say only on its own behalf and only about the interests. And then you will receive an honourable name - the intellectual (professional).

It is necessary to tell that the intellectuals no power in Russia - neither imperial, nor Soviet favored, does not favor its and present. Or rather, present power favors only those intellectuals that it is constant shines on screens of TVs, glorifying its (power) and actively cooperating with it. Well so person about 100. And other part of Russian intelligentsia quite fits the definition lousy as lives in misery together with the people and treats its poorest layer now. And why? Yes because until recently in power there was no special need in the intellectuals, and here still they with the conscientiousness and unwillingness to be silent. Therefore to their at! - intelligentshchina professorate and others!

And only recently when the abroad explained and the power understood that without innovations there will be no world power, the need in the intellectuals appeared, they develop arts and sciences, generate new ideas etc. It turned out that it is not enough to construct the innovative centers, also shots are necessary. And professionals here you will not manage as they think only of the benefit and creep away in those places where pay more. And here fans who for much smaller payment would make world discoveries are necessary, made breaks etc., that is it is necessary, it in kachel, the intellectuals there! It is possible to invite, of course, professionals from - for borders, but they for pennies will not work, truly?

What the phenomenon such - Russian intelligentsia and what distinguishes it from intellectuals is? Well, as for intellectuals then any western sociologist (ours are confused) easily will explain that the intellectual is the person who is professionally engaged in brainwork and having for this purpose the corresponding education, preparation and intellectual level. That is the intellectual - the concept relating to a profession. Foreign intellectuals never spoke and do not speak on behalf of the people, do not apply to be called conscience of the nation etc., they go about the own business to the benefit and keep mum as it and was wanted by the poet - the parodist A. Ivanov. Another matter - the intellectuals. This concept purely Russian and though it was borrowed not Germans, not Poles in due time, but in Russia received absolutely other contents. And as in Russia was to a commonalty, to put it mildly, not really well, entered this contents conscientiousness (that in general is inherent in the Russian person), sympathy for the people whatever bad it to someone seemed, and from here and criticism of the power which brought the people to such state.

Word intellectuals in Latin means: understanding, informative force, knowledge, and the intellectual - clever, understanding, knowing. It is a public group of people, mainly engaged in creative activity, dissemination of culture, sciences etc. Unlike the intellectual, the intellectual not necessarily is engaged in brainwork, especially now in Russia where many intellectuals lost work and are forced to earn to themselves on a daily bread not a profession. However they remain intellectuals because the intellectual is a concept not professional, and morally - ethical, this is the person possessing lines and qualities intelligence .

Intelligence is a set of personal qualities, such as keenness, inquisitiveness, responsibility, modesty, criticality, independence of thought. The intellectuals in Russia exist because it has an objective social function - function of the keeper of culture, criticism (analysis), the generator of progressive ideas and strategic spiritual management of society. Therefore its duty - to say the truth, what unpleasant and inconvenient it was, and on the power responsibility lies - to listen or not to listen, accept or not to accept fruits of spiritual searches of the intellectuals. In a sense the intellectuals are body public consciousness.

In Russia when there is opportunity, the intellectual is engaged in intellectual work and when it is absent (as now), it undertakes other work to exist and keep freedom and independence of thought, the moral principles and vital installations. First of all it is tolerance to foreign opinion, outlook, a way of life, but intolerance to meanness, aggression, hypocrisy. The second important quality - the constant analysis and introspection, an assessment and revaluation of the views, conclusions and actions, lack of ready recipes, consciousness of own imperfection. The intellectual always works, constantly works on himself, choosing those fields of activity which he considers the most valuable from the point of view of development of his personality and advantage to people around and all society (but not where pay more). The requirement to transfer to people, in this or that form, fruits of the work is one of the most distinctive (and attractive) qualities of the Russian intellectuals.

Other distinctive quality - internal being opposite to the power. Not vigorous political activity (it is badly combined with intelligence), namely the internal relation to actions of the power and to the in them to participation. And the speech goes not about denial of the power in general here, and about initially alerted position which proceeds as from our history not really rich with positive examples, and from basic tendency to call everything in question . For this reason the people not always understand the intellectuals (we love Putin, and they criticize him!) . Mistrust to the power proceeds from constant internal aspiration of the intellectual to improvement that does not enter tasks of any power in any way (it loves stability and reforms from above favorable to it).

The person intelligent can always be distinguished on two external signs: on ability to listen to the interlocutor, without killing even if with it he does not agree, tolerance to others, than yours, even alternative, to the points of view; and on sympathy, empathy to own people.

Authorities and intellectuals (the last very spitefully) reproach the intellectuals with what it only criticizes, and does nothing. Well, that to do something, an opportunity, and it often is necessary and is not present (you remember a joke - Party - let`s drive! ) . Besides, it is just a lie. The real, original intellectual recognizes from what anyway, at any power is possible and it is necessary to work honestly at the place, and chooses such place where it is possible to bring benefit first of all not to itself - darling, and people around. It is possible and to learn and treat people for a low salary now; to write for a small readership, without counting on the large fee; for small money to move science and equipment in hope forward that it, eventually, all the same is useful; etc.

Is also one more way - constructive opposition. The power can offer once again dialogue (sometimes it turns out), to become for it the mirror showing the true situation (you remember My Light, a pocket mirror, tell and all truth report... ) . The mirror does not give advice, it only reflects reality, and think itself further how to correct that it is shown and whether you want to correct in general something ( Stability - is the most expensive ). Now Russian intelligentsia, realizing the responsibility and fault to the people, gradually passes from resistance to creation. She understands more and more that where it does not contradict conscience, it is possible and it is necessary to cooperate with the power of different levels, keeping at the same time internal freedom and not sliding on a prisluzhnichestvo (because it is told: To Serve glad - to cringe precisely ) .

Presently in mass media, in performances intellectuals from sociology heart-rending cries are distributed from time to time: The Intellectuals disappeared! The intellectuals died! The intellectuals regenerated! etc. You lie, misters! The intellectuals are ineradicable while there are the Russian people, the people of Russia! And, fortunately, in Russia intellectuals in the highest sense of this word were not translated. They were sent from the country, killed, exhausted in camps, but their ranks were multiplied, and they brought our country to the advanced boundaries scientifically - technical progress, turned into the leading world power, and successfully continue to support this high level. The intellectuals in Russia are a spirit of the nation, especially valuable property of the people, all society. These are the people of high intellectual and ethical culture capable to rise over personal interests, to think not only of itself and the relatives, but also over what directly does not concern them, but treats destinies and expectations of the people.

Therefore, dear readers if you feel like intellectuals, you feel the intelligence, it is not necessary most before itself to be ashamed. Do favorite thing, the fact that you want, but not to someone to another, progress to you and be happy!