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How to estimate the second-hand book? Part 3

we Will return to that moment when the book which we want to sell, already at us in hands.

All - the defining motive of acquisition of the book (so, and the prices for implementation of this desire) is its necessity to the specific person in certain time. Let`s consider the main reasons for purchase of the book and the price of it as a mirror of depth of desires. What books buy?

1. Books for entertainment and satisfaction of curiosity.

generally it is art or publicistic literature which is read to have a good time. Or to entertain the children. In these cases people buy the old book, only if did not find the necessary new. And now many of us cannot once pass by the book which was pleasant long ago quietly. Circulation and a condition of the book at the same time are minor.

The prices in this category low, as well as the cost of any momentary desires. Exceptions - perfectly published and remained editions or books published by small circulation and owing to the art exclusiveness become deficiency. (The average price in this category 10 - 250 rub) .

2. Books for training, books for work. Training and increase of the qualification was valuable

at all times. Today it is possible not only to gather information from the book, but also to find in the Internet, to learn on training or from CD - the edition.

Nevertheless, in each branch of human knowledge there are rare books. Publishing houses do not republish them just because hands do not reach. Professional bibliopoles can not always determine the actual price of such books. The book will roll on a tray many months until the casual client catches it with the sweated hands. Having convinced that this that, will goggle at the small price. And if the expert urgently needed this edition, he will give for it any reasonable money.

But the majority of such books lose the relevance, so, and value over time, especially in science, equipment and others. In the field of art there can be a lot of examples which are dropping out of this price niche, generally from - for more expensive decorating and traditional draft of rich people to fine. (The average price in this category 50 - 700 rub)

3. Books as collecting subject.

the Most grandiose and interesting (at least, for me) category. Bibliofilstvo sometimes is followed also by other types of a collecting. It will not be obligatory it is antiques and everything, relation having to it at all, - auction catalogs, second-hand price lists. Perhaps and absolutely on the contrary - hunting with borzois or collecting of models of the ships. Or collecting of all editions of one author or books of a certain subject, and also books of certain publishing houses (for example, immigrant book).

Here the price is well calculated - adult uncles invest big money in children`s hobby. Therefore book with practical recommendations costs respectively, its price depends on fashion and other few predictable factors. Data of auctions confirm confidence that people are ready to pay. Here already requirements to appearance, safety and uniqueness of the edition the highest. The slightest defect sometimes leads to considerable reduction of value. (The average price in this category 100 - 2 500 rub)

generally, it is possible to profit on trade in second-hand books only if you incidentally caught a book-depository of the disbanded library or at the expense of large volume of the books passing through you. The desire is simple to get rid of a lot of unnecessary books most often leads to their otvoz in garage - it is a pity to throw out.

To interest potential buyers and even to receive as - or notable benefit from sale, it is necessary to estimate really the forces in this unequal fight. Yes, nearly forgot - it must be kept in mind that handing over the book in secondhand bookshop receive on average 25 - 35% less it the total estimated cost.

Buy and sell on health!

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