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How to estimate the second-hand book? Part 2

Criteria for evaluation of the second-hand book exist though the prices of them almost always cause altercations. At primary assessment of potential cost of the book it is necessary to consider the following data:

1. General characteristic and condition of the book (name, author, year of the edition and publishing house, number of pages; condition of cover (jacket or box), block, loss; existence of library stamps and donative inscriptions; existence and condition of illustrations, edition circulation).

The recommended coefficients of a markdown of second-hand editions depending on degree of their wear (endurance from The Catalogue - the price list for purchase and sale of second-hand and antiquarian books 1977):

To 10%: there are unimportant damages of the block and the text of the book which are not disturbing perception of the text; inscriptions, marks on the title page and other sheets of the book; spots of attritions on cover; insignificant wear, attrition of corners and spine; the colourful stamping on cover is erased.

To 25%: the part of the page with the text is torn off; there are broken-off pages disturbing perception of the text; there are ink and other spots; the back is torn off from the block.

To 50%: one leaf is not at least with the text or one illustration; the block and cover of the book are rather whole, but are lax, separate notebooks (sheets) drop out.

To 75%: shabby cover (the back, corners are torn off, the colourful stamping is completely erased); the cover cover is bent, rumpled, torn; material of which cover is made is completely worn-out; more than one leaf of the text, illustrations, appendices is absent.

To 90%: The cover (cover) is torn completely off and is absent; sheets, illustrations are pulled out or cut out, however the book represents the famous historian - cultural value; the book is whole, but extreme degree of wear (zachitannost).

Note: books without title page are not accepted by secondhand bookshop. Especially unique editions are estimated individually, without discount for wear or I spoil.

2. , it is How urgently necessary to sell (to buy) this book. Naturally, as well as everywhere, urgency increases cost in case of purchase and reduces it in case of sale.

3. Where plans sale of the book (The Internet, Moscow, SPb, the province).

Depending on these data the price of the same edition can differ in tens of times.

To be continued