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as we think...

By empirical researches came to a conclusion that with sufficient extent of approach, it is possible to divide (conditionally) a way of thinking of people at the different moments of their life into four look:

Dot - I live one moment;

Discretely-linear - is similar tomorrow on yesterday; flickering, I live in one afternoon;

Plane - creation of prospect and intuition is the same;

Volume - figurative thinking

First three mean a disgrace I will try

korotenko digression...

dot is a thinking animal, as at animals, let and advanced. - there are instincts, there are reflexes, but development of a look happens not from within a look, and due to external influences and circumstances... it when at me does not even arise desires to ask a question - to whom to tell thank you that live?

is discrete - linear - we call a trace from the movement of a point the line on feelings is the Greek mythology when, as if the person did not assume and did not count, - on everything there is a will of gods and destiny of the person is predetermined by them.... plane - a trace from the movement of the line we call

the plane and on feelings is if to draw a curved line (the principles, beliefs, habits) on a sheet of paper, then the object (subject) which is on a leaf will not be able to appear on that side of the line... now it has only that flat space which on this side of the line... and now for it this restriction (the drawn line) it is convex and for this purpose who remained on the other hand - vpuklo ... here and irreconcilable konfliktets on a face volume - a trace from the movement of the plane we call

volume on feelings is when I can, having at least stood up on tiptoe, to glance for the line (the principles, beliefs) and to see - that there it, from me blocked... here something like that... when already three degrees of freedom - what not to change (a floor, a body, color of eyes) - dot, and concerning habitual reactions, passions, addictions, - is discrete - linear freedom, what is mobile - social accessory (such authorities and teachers surrounded you and learned) - plane, and... your will!... volume...

and further begins even more interestingly... the fourth degree of freedom - time... that is we call a trace from the movement of the volume (trekhmerye) time

and still the person has six degrees of freedom - forward - back, to the left - to the right, up - down...

means between 4 and 6 is - 5.... we call a trace from the movement of time life it is the fifth degree of freedom

and absolutely rollicking - time is 1,2,3,4, 5, 6... means is and further...

for plane persons - when through his plane there passes the volume figure; as for the volume person when through his trekhmerye there passes the figure in four measurements.... people call it... MIRACLE!!!

well, here is how - that so korotenko perhaps probably....


byl about dot thinking .

Ya I live on the first floor. I stand on kitchen waiting when the teapot begins to boil to make for itself coffee. The summer - a window is opened . I hear - under a window two young neigbours, one of " talk; idle time families, and the second of pozazhitochny : - listen to

!? Occupy 150 thousand . - Was heard in the middle of dialogue.

- to Borrow? Well, . perhaps, as I will be able . Current as you will give? And from what? - the second questioned.

- Hm! - the first grinned, - I will give rise and I will give!!!

Experiment with plane thinking . As we usually ask to light

? Prailno - pressed to each other we bring two fingers to lips and we say - let`s light!...

How we usually ask time? Prailno - we tap with finger-tips of the right hand on a wrist of left and we say - a skoka time?...

How we point to the person to his mental capacities? Prailno - we twist a forefinger near a temple and we say - you what - the fool?

And now try, - twisting a finger at a temple to ask the opponent of a skok of time

- Having brought two fingers to lips to tell - you that - the fool?

- Tapping with finger-tips on a wrist to tell - let`s light!...

Well, Try to trade places motor actions that they did not correspond to a verbalika

!!! The effect - is unpredictable!!!!

do not forget to prepare ways to retreat...