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How to leave dirt behind a threshold? Part 2

In last article we talked about 1 - m protection level, we continue.

2 - y level Close-meshed modular coverings are intended to

for collecting dirt and moisture both in entrance platforms and lobbies, and on the street under any weather conditions. They can also be used as an antiskid covering at steps. In spite of the fact that they are strong also iznosoustoychiva, they can be rolled easily, without being afraid to break. The modular device of products allows to establish them at steps.

Typical samples of modular close-meshed coverings are coverings Levada and Valley . They are made of environmentally friendly and fireproof thermoplastic. They differ, generally in the sizes of modules. Size of one " module; Levada - 3505215 mm, one square meter of a covering contain 55 modules. Size of one " module; Valley - 3207720 mm, in 1 sq.m - 43 modules.

Coverings establish as in earlier made priyamok - the deepening in a floor corresponding to thickness of the used lattice. Absence of speakers of parts provides protection against premature wear of edges of a covering. Besides, such device looks more attractive and it is more convenient to them to use than if it just lay on a floor. When for any reasons priyamok it is impossible to make, for protection of edge of a covering establish protective porozhek from aluminum or stainless steel.

Highly effective coverings of the second level of protection are lattices Jaguar and Prior 15 - 20 mm high. They are brought together from modules of 4010 and 2020 cm in size. Unlike them a covering Patrol let out in the form of rolls 97 and 99 mm wide.

Domestic handymen adapted to let out excellent multi-colored modular coverings (the sizes of the module of 3905214 mm) from cable plastic compound. Advantages of such modules - low cost and our climate resistance. It is expedient to stack such coverings on balconies, terraces, in garages, utility rooms.

Several words about a covering under the name Lagoon . It is specially intended for use in rooms with big exudation of moisture - bathrooms, saunas, pools. It provides high coupling with a surface and has special channels for water drainage that allows to support a surface dry. Size of 1 module of a covering Lagoon 350509 mm, in 1 sq.m - 57 modules.

Service life of modular coverings 2 - go level - till 10 years.

3 - y level

the Heat - and the moisture absorbing coverings belong to the third step of protection. They are applied to final cleaning of footwear. Stack them in lobbies of buildings and on ladders.

Externally they are similar to house carpets, habitual for us. Actually their structure is more difficult, and they not only are decorative, but also carry out many additional functions.

They have to:

- effectively to clear footwear of dirt;

- to absorb a large amount of this dirt and to mask its existence;

- is easy to be cleared of collected dirt;

- to have service life not less than 4 - 5 years;

- to be on a pocket to the buyer.

As a rule, they consist of two parts. Below - a basis from vinyl or rubber. Such basis does not allow a covering to slide on a floor.

The top part of a covering - rigid pile from polyamide, polypropylene, nylon or their various combinations with each other.

Rigid pile effectively cleans off the dirt remains from footwear and holds them in the lower part of a covering. In spite of the fact that such carpet can absorb 4 - 5 kg of dirt on square meter, outside dirt is not visible.

At the same time it is easy to clean such carpets: once a day the vacuum cleaner is enough to walk and 3 - 4 times a year to wash with detergents.