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How to call home from Everest?

Climbing Everest - dream of any climber. Now, when new technological decisions led to revolution in mountaineering, to rise by desired top on forces not only professionals, but also talented fans.

On an outcome of the last century in mountaineering there was a telecommunication revolution. In 1990 Peter Hillary reached top of Everest and on a bilateral radio communication reported about it in base camp. From there the signal was told by satellite phone to New Zealand to the father of St. Petersburg - to sir Edmund of Hillary who in 1953 the first subdued Everest. All New Zealand listened to this historical conversation on radio and television.

Conversation of the father and Hillary`s son marked itself the beginning of a new era in mountaineering. Now any expedition going to Everest by all means has cell phones, portable computers, digital video cameras, and at times and more difficult network equipment in the arsenal.

Equipment for mountain expeditions - a separate niche in computer and telecommunication business. This Nisha is small, but the companies persistently continue to create the equipment for climbers, checking in extreme conditions new technological decisions for the products.

In the rarefied air ordinary personal computers work at height more than 6 km as the automobile motor from which oil flowed out. Air laying is necessary for some moving parts of the hard drive, and its disappearance can put a disk out of action quickly enough. Therefore 6 years ago the Sony and Matsushita companies began to develop special models of figurative laptops for extreme mountain conditions. The Toughbook model from Matsushita during tests was dumped from the second floor - and it continued to work! But this model had one shortcoming - it weighed even 3,5 kg. Sony answered with the mountain Vaio laptop which weighed 1,5 kg. Then Matsushita facilitated the laptop to 1,8 kg - truth, cost toys made more than $3 thousand. Sony had a worthy answer &ndash again; Vaio weighing about 1 kg and worth $2,3 thousand. Battle continues.

Sony is in the lead in the market of digital video cameras for climbers. Operators love them for excellent quality of the picture. One more advantage of this camera manufactured of easy alloys - small weight. Only lack of the &ndash cameras; their teplolyubivost: as far as possible the chamber should be kept under a jacket.

Optimum cameras for mountains are let out by Kodak which main advantage is their simplicity. In a chamber the optical view-finder as liquid crystal displays on cold freeze is used. In turn, cameras of Sony can send pictures by means of the Sony Memory Stick device via the modem from top to camp.

Now each climber has satellite phone. The model of the Norwegian company Nera ASA is most popular. This phone weighs about 4 kg and possesses big bandwidth. The most suitable satellite operator for climbers - Iridium as its phones do not need the fixed antenna, and they easily are located in a jacket pocket. The above you rise uphill, the communication quality as the « receiver is better; approaches the » satellite;. Those who used phone directly from a slope, say that the feeling of communication with base camp very much helps with ascension. One is bad - Iridium was ruined, and 66 of its satellites were decided to remove from an orbit. Climbers should pass to the new satellite Globalstar system.

By means of Motorola Timeport 250 phones it is possible to organize a local telephone network in vicinities of base camp, having increased thereby the level of safety of expedition. In mountains there is no need to care for frequencies, hindrances from other operators - they are not just there. By means of radio stations from Motorola it is possible to organize communication on all mountain. It is necessary to solve a problem with power food only. Usually for this purpose use gas generators, batteries and solar panels. However, gas &ndash generators; for example, Honda EU 1000i - at height not higher than 50% work with efficiency. With it in principle it is possible to be reconciled, but not a cash to forget that each liter of gasoline should be born on itself. Therefore generators as governed, equip base camp, and on a route climbers take with themselves 12 - volt lithium batteries. Packing in kilogram provides with weight 20 business hours of the laptop.

One more irreplaceable thing on a slope - the devices of explaining the ground of GPS allowing to define location of the person with an accuracy of one hundred meters. There are much more exact military devices, but they are very expensive and inaccessible to us, mere mortals. However, with their help in 1999 climbers managed to find out that Everest is 213 cm higher, than was considered till that time. Opening became possible only thanks to the sponsor`s help of the Boston museum of science as the GPS Trimble 4800 complex costs more than $

80 thousand Everest Today lost a mystery aura. Numerous voskhoditel - from the school teacher to climbers - the professionals trying to break an ascension speed record. For those who stayed at home there is a website entirely devoted to Everest and climbers - www. mountainzone. com. Now all visitors of the Internet can see personally and to esteem - if know English: what is it - climbing the highest mountain of the planet.

By preparation of article materials from the Wired magazine were used.