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How to make a carpet to your pleasant legs?

the Cosiness and purity please any person. After the unlucky working day it is so pleasant to come into the pure and cleaned house!

But in the house there are objects which are exposed to continuous exploitation. And first of all are carpets. Our legs mercilessly trample down sections, florets or simple patterns. Carpets wither before our eyes. Also it turns out, hands do not reach that spoil legs.

Not to be sorry then about the spoiled favourite carpet, it is necessary to begin to look after it from the first days of its stay in your house.

That carpets served longer and kept an attractive look, it is necessary to look after them constantly. Carpets and carpet paths do not erase, 2 - 3 times a week brush them special or the vacuum cleaner. New nap carpets cannot be cleaned the first 6 months the vacuum cleaner and to beat out. Brush only soft or a broom, and especially carefully from seamy side where the moth can nest. After pile is condensed, it is possible to clean a carpet the vacuum cleaner.

Not really heavy carpets beat out once a week on the street, having hanged out the face inside. It is not necessary to beat out a carpet, having hung up it on a fence or having thrown through the tense rope as at the same time carpet framework threads are damaged.

Big and heavy carpets beat out once a month. It is recommended to clean a carpet snow in the winter. For this purpose they are spread the face down and properly beaten out.

For cleaning of carpets and carpet products from natural and synthetic fibers it is better to use special liquid means. At their absence it is possible to prepare the washing solution independently: with warm water to add 2 tablespoons of laundry detergent for woolen and synthetic fabrics to a bucket and a little bit liquid ammonia. Wipe with the rag moisturized with the received solution a carpet, after that wipe it with a dry rag and hang out to dry on air the face inside.

The old faded carpet can be cleaned warm broth of bran and to add it gloss - to wipe with denatured alcohol.

Carpets from synthetic fibers are not afraid of moisture. They can be cleaned the rag or a brush moistened with water with powder for washing of synthetic fabrics, but strongly it is impossible to rub as pile can get off and lose ability to absorb moisture and dust. At the end of cleaning wipe a carpet with the rag moistened with clear water.

It is impossible to lay a carpet on a damp floor. That the carpet served longer - lay under it newspapers, especially if a floor is smeared with mastic.

It is periodically necessary to check whether is not present on a carpet of spots. If in time found, they can easily be removed. Spots from juice bring liquid ammonia (1:2), and from coffee, cocoa and tea - the glycerin dissolved in water (a glycerin tablespoon to water liter).

To refresh paints, the carpet is strewed with damp leaflets of weak tea, after a while they are swept away. The vinegar or liquid ammonia diluted in water (a tablespoon on 1 liter of water), refresh paints too.

If a carpet the long time is not used, dry it, clear of dust and spots, roll in a roll, sprinkle from a wrong side Dichlorvos put in several tablets from a moth or tobacco leaves, turn in newspapers, then in dense paper or a cloth and place in the dry place. Periodically it should be developed and aired. Time in 2 - 3 years a carpet is recommended to be handed over in a dry-cleaner.

As you can see, care of carpets - not it and the lung put. But business is worth it that your legs enjoyed, having drowned in heat and a pure carpet!