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How to protect itself from flu and whether it is worth doing an inoculation?

Here and again came cold weather: rainfall, cold wind, frequent temperature drops - all this provokes catarrhal diseases. According to forecasts of experts, the flu epidemic will begin in January. There is no wish to be ill, of course, to none of us! That though somehow to secure itself against viruses, many of us vaccination hurries to do. And whether enough we know about flu inoculations?

There are 200 types of viruses, defiant ORZ and flu. May we secure ourselves against all of them, having done vaccination? No! Epidemics are caused by a virus which becomes most widespread. We cannot foresee what it will be a virus and, proceeding from it, to choose the correct vaccine.

For these reasons two times a year gather council of WHO experts (World Health Organization). On this council decides what viruses can cause a flu epidemic forthcoming year and, proceeding from it, recommendations to producers of vaccines are made.

Quite often it happens and so that to producers of vaccines the wrong information is supplied. This fact does their vaccines ineffective.

One my familiar physician considers flu inoculations as waste of money. He argues so: And whether you will begin to play a lottery if chance to win, roughly speaking, makes 1:196? It is highly profitable business! No more than that! .

I only told you about opinion of one person. Of course, in something it is possible and to agree with such conclusion But whether it is worth rejecting vaccination against flu so categorically? I consider that I am not present. If to take collective vaccination, then it nevertheless brings positive fruits - in such collectives the number of sick-lists is sharply reduced. I think that many of us regularly take root against flu, this precautionary measure is recommended by our doctors, mass media and not only.

So answer to the question Whether It is worth doing an inoculation? we have to give ourselves. Each of us in this respect has to have already the experience which is saved up for years of life. If the inoculation helps you to avoid epidemics, then forward on an inoculation! If you did not feel a special difference - that why it to you in general?!

For inoculations autumn months are considered as the most suitable time, you should not wait for approach of epidemic! Doing such vaccine annually, your organism will be steadier against viruses.

Personally I, as prevention, use such measures for the family.

Before an exit from the house to spread a nose with oksolinovy ointment. For this purpose it is necessary to apply a little ointment on a usual Q-tip and to miss the mark each nasal pass.

to Make to itself and children garlick amuletik and, of course, to put garlic more often in the cooked food. It is simple to add a little garlic to the soup, salad and other dishes allowing its presence. Amuletiki I do of a box from the kinder - a surprise. For this purpose in it I do small holes, I pass a ribbon and I put in it the cut garlic. Contents of it amulet it is necessary to change every day.

On a foot, about fingers to paste a pepper plaster. To change every day.

to Accept vitamins.

These methods very well help! Absolutely we, of course, did not cease to be ill, but there are to us such troubles much less often and in easier form. And had no flu, fie - fie never ever since, as began to use all this! What and to you I wish!

Good luck!