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Who learns others, that is clever; who learns himself, that is wise ?

In life of each person happen a turning point when you understand something bigger, than it seemed to you clear always. It is not so important why it occurs, but the consciousness completely changes.

These changes can happen from - for a stress. There lives a person, everything in his life settled, became the ordinary. And suddenly, time - a butt on the head, something happens. A stress at work, change of the soulmate, love . And the last, perhaps, - the strongest driving force in cardinal change at the person of outlook, the relation to life and to all surrounding. The meek love does the person by the philosopher, forces to analyze the life, to draw conclusions. Let these conclusions not only positive. It is quite good too. Because human life any more not simply thoughtless existence.

There are good words: Everyone would like to improve the world and everyone could make it if he only decided to begin with himself. To be unperturbable means to dare and to be another such what we are, - and to accept itself it what you are! To Become rather by itself. To understand up to the end that you want in this life and to try to obtain it, let slowly but surely. Here the true meaning of life of the person - to develop spiritually, to self-improve. And any crisis and a stress are a chance of change to the best, a step to perfection of spirit.

How to behave in this or that situation how to resolve the conflict - depends only on the person. True the fact that the person himself creates to himself problems, and then unsuccessfully tries to solve them. When he is offended, accused of all sins, it is necessary to reflect. If the offender is right, then the person has nothing on it to become angry and be offended, he pointed to the person to his mistakes and it is necessary to reflect and try to correct over them. And if not the rights, any offense cannot be because it has no relation to the person and if he so thinks - any person has the right for a mistake. Everyone can be mistaken, besides - has the right for a mistake, but nobody has the right to condemn it for it. And, in effect, the person has to the offender be grateful for the fact that he opened eyes and now it is possible to perceive reality such what it is.

Everyone has a chance to change the life as there is a wish. It is always necessary to rise above over a situation and to take a detached view of it as if, a look of the person which as if not and. To assess a situation soberly, without emotions. Then it is possible to make the right decision. The one who is unperturbable to become, is impregnable, gains composure. the Person of no character always wants to show

as far as it is strong to feel confident and it is quiet. He demands confirmation of the force from people around. Therefore he always acts energetically and provocatively. And strong - feels the internal force and it needs no external proofs of the force. It surely and easily goes on life.

Here in what sense - to reach spiritual perfection. And it is possible to achieve it only leaving, that and those who actually do not correspond on spirit and an inner world. Very few people are ready to look to the truth in eyes, especially if it concerns to look in itself and to learn itself.

Who learns others, that is clever; who learns himself, that is wise .