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I want that to you it was good! - whether so it? The Lovely kind person tells

to me - I want that at you everything was good!... . the person lovely, kind would seem ... The attention shows Perhaps even, such simple way, cares .

That for deposit in me it is felt? It is pleasant when care when the attention is shown, pay attention to me...

O! There was a retreat - exarticulation - turn something here perepodnazakopano. Aha! - About - - borders, district something that inside. - rashchat - - (about) to ratit - to take care that is to be disturbed, attend to something or someone first of all.

So! It turns out that cares - disappears as it is already considered in turns . I Will continue


Look the first: Something me in it seemed to

children`s, carefree carefree as there is a person who attended . So here disorder - in the childhood, observant parents, knew beforehand what to me it is required soon. To me there was no need to think of prospect. THEY - knew. Also spoke - everything will be good as already all prepared, without discussing with me. Actually correctly - it is small still. From here and the feeling of a miracle which will occur surely will happen to me, but without me. I will receive result only because I - am I for the parents. The last ( for the parents and there is nobody another) comes much later, over the years, after the quantity and quality of claims to parents reaches critical weight and will jerk can jerk so - forever to bear malice against parents - a pier ceased to chudodeystvovat, and it is possible to appear at empty trough having understood that miracles can be done most by means of simple - prichinno - investigative communications, that is I will make so - I will receive it, I will make so - I will receive such

the Look of the second:

of People, said such phrase - I want that at you everything was good as if ( as if ) takes the responsibility for further with me . However he, the person also did not think it to do. Also will NEVER do!!! The dirty trick or forgery occurs at the moment when this phrase is perceived by my children`s memoirs!!! As well - WILL not be!!! That was - it is necessary to make something. The person will not do and I will not be, counting on benefactor .

By the way!!! On this case the phrase, crushing on the hatefulness, - " is laid up; everything that becomes - all to the best! . This phrase, in the context of considered, could look so - everything that does not become, all to the best! . Well, in sense - do nothing, and you will spoil that, and will be to you to a shchasta.

Look the third: After a while I will begin

is angry - what it to me not well ? And the matter is that person shown care having told the phrase, found sense of superiority over me. I in his eyes the person in need, and he am a blagodeyatel. Actually it turns out that bolshgo and it is not necessary to the person as his feeling inferiority now became feeling own relevancy . The person, thus, fights with the inferiority complex .

By the way! It turns out that as soon as lameness appears suddenly on me washing, it is necessary to find the person who should say the treasured phrase, and it is ready - I the best (at least in comparison with this person!!) .

However at the same moment when I listened to wishes to me nailuchshest I at the same moment found not smaller (and maybe bigger) feeling own relevancy as my children`s memoirs krepenko sat down in me, and direct me without zazreniye. On these memoirs now to me all will make without me!!!

Here actually a result of what is rage at me and at the person - face two false relevancy . Mine and the person at me as I feel a dirty trick (if what happens to me - it is well that then badly ?) and at the person - unambiguously hinted as it was necessary to make that attention!!!... it (that is I) did not stick with a hnykaniye any more!!!... quite so treat children or with those whom the person (in this case me) considers not more exactly with it is high what communication, or Dialogue can arise between different here also talked