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How the man`s loneliness influences progress? There are no

of Others, and those will be finished the cure...

To women, these unpredictable creations, it is almost impossible to please. Thousand times Mr. O. Henry, the earth to him down which said that idea of the woman as about a certain mysterious being was inspired in trustful mankind by women is wrong.

We will forgive it what to take from the American and besides the criminal? However, if not prison, it is unknown, he would become the famous writer or not You noticed, the people in general willingly forgive the criminal past to celebrities To writers, commanders, revolutionaries, businessmen

I will not distract. You will never be able to understand and solve the woman. And what for? uncertainty attracts inquisitive male mind. Total absence of information that at the woman under clothes to compare an impetuous research itch seen with real and deep melancholy from impossibility to meet the desires here and now - here where leave roots of development of a civilization. Fighting against pathological dependence on women, the man thought up a telescope, the chiansaw, the vacuum cleaner, the rubber woman and homosexuality.

About fruitful influence of man`s loneliness on progress it is possible to write not one page. However, there are individuals capable to feel lonely even in the presence of the wife, children, the mother-in-law, a dog and two parrots in love. Usually they quietly sit in a corner, put Kizhi from matches or cut a fret saw model of the Eiffel Tower. But it is rare copies. Most of deeply lonely men come home when all already sleep, and leave when still sleep.

That at you on mind, at us everywhere.

And still many men love women. However, still they love money. Yes, still vodka. And beer. And meat. Still work, the car, a mobile phone, sport, the TV, fishing, the weapon cold more hotly, a bath dry and wet, Pink Floid, a porn, Sergey Yesenin, a blue t-shirt (which is hundred years old on Saturday) and different games. However, together or separately they can not love all this (depending on quantity in testosterone organism) or it is stupid to love. Just like that. That was. But they love women sharply, passionately, before pulse loss, before loss of consciousness, and some - before loss of all property.

Why so? - they ask each other, filling glasses and beginning to smoke cigarettes, but to a consensus do not come. Without women it is impossible to live on light, is not present - they sadly sing after the third shot glass, and after the eighth are let on searches of the woman, nervously recalculating money and being scratched. And if do not find (the woman or enough money, at least on the drive), speak: Yes they went! - also begin, brushing away a tear, to remember how did military service, then to sort out the relations, sometimes reaching a chaotic swinging hands in the direction of faces of interlocutors.

Good advice: When to you it is bad, it is not enough to find the woman. It is necessary to find such which it is bad too. Without you.