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Who will go to Truskavets?

Each person at least once in life visited Truskavets. If is not present, so this meeting is all the same promised it. Our subconsciousness is arranged so that keeps memoirs not about sights of this or that place, and about people. Hospitable, friendly, hospitable or on the contrary. Having visited Truskavets once, the person comes back here again and again. Tomorrow he will see not just updated city, and kurortopolis with the developed industry of tourism.

People go to Truskavets not only to waters. Such impression that air of this city radiates the soft, healing aura that the juicy soil on which you go, - pure ozokerite, mountain wax sinevato - yellow color, and water which impregnated hills, - mineral. On these elastic hills from - under legs moisture acts, and for some reason there is a wish to run on socks or to jump up from - for the fact that there is acute sense of forbidden penetration into the reserve.

But it happens in minutes romantic, in the deep evening, in park when you tear off a look from stars, or in the afternoon when you cease to twirl by the head, looking out for a squirrel, and feel that legs were dry, and became wet, the path covered with asphalt left to the right, and you already plunge. Also you think how it is good that these slopes keeping memories of millions of touches cast feeling of primitive rest. Sharp sounds of the present do not prevent to listen to silent noise of eternity here. Only to the suffering nature hidden spirit it is allowed to heal .

Perhaps, the brightest sign of civilization in that scars of stay of the person were not noticeable too. But if to return to realities, more and more simply. Three times a day in the appointed hour to the ancient pump room at a foot of the reserved hill human streamlets are flown down. Sucking from flat cups with noses the hope for healing under the name Naftusya vacationers drink every day 20 thousand liters of water, and next day it does not become less.

In the evening, having slept after medical procedures and a nourishing lunch, they gather, raznonatsionalny, multilingual, in small cafes along the avenue and when there comes a certain standard of homesickness, begin to sing national songs. Of course, it is much more interesting to listeners. They walk from one cafe to another and enjoy this international concert which is similar both to game, and to competition. However, at the time of the USSR color, you understand, was more various. Locals very much appreciate this tradition and hope that she will not die, and among generation of Pepsi there will be her keepers.

When shout that the national culture dies, do not trust. It has no money, as well as at all national, is the truth. But no market relations are imperious over soul. She pulls us on the nature, sometimes demands vodka and tightens: Oh, at billiard pockets , luz_ . So to Truskavets people come not only to treat a stomach, to wash out kidneys and to unbend joints. Still here the body rejuvenates and the soul has a rest. Means of Makropulos thanks to which Truskavets will live forever consists of many components. Let`s try to investigate them the First mention of Truskavets is dated

1471. It is the contract on sale of the rights for eternal rent of Truskavets to brothers to Ignat from Tustanovichey and to Andrey from Lyubenichey. The eternity lasted rather not for long: 370 years. Extracted table salt in local places. To this day the wood to the north from the city is called Baths (a bath - saltern). In 1841 in the chronicle of truskavetsky possession new names of tenants - Franz Blenk and Ignat Oblochinsky appeared. Also crafts were mentioned: oil, ozokerite, sulfur, lead, zinc ores. 1827 is considered official date of birth of the resort. It was no business, simply small profitable business yet: to old tavern made an extension with eight cabins for hydrosulphuric bathtubs and constructed four lodges for guests.

Scientific research of mineral sources, first of all " began with the beginning of the 19th century; Naftus . Geologists established that its field was formed on that place where earlier oil and ozokerite concentrated. A beam slope, filtering an atmospheric precipitation, at a depth of 30 - 50 m forms reserves of unique water. Sacrament of origin Naftus consists in extraction by water from breed of organic substances, and this process by something reminds fertilization of an ovum in a live organism.

By and large it and not water, and the multicomponent system including the gases (hydrogen sulfide, methane and carbon dioxide) dissolved in water, solid substances (hydrocarbonates of calcium and magnesium) and microorganisms. In each milliliter - 1,5 - 3 million bacteria. One of them eat the aminocontaining substances and emit ammonia, others oxidize this ammonia to nitrates and nitrites, the third process them into nitrogen, showing waste-free technology. Well, there the whole world living under the laws and striking with the perfection.

Not for nothing Naftusyu call water of life. Getting from mother`s bosom - the earth on a surface, it quickly loses the activity and in a day dies. However, the person skillful learned to preserve choosy water about two weeks, extracting it from a well and not allowing contact with oxygen.

Did candles earlier of the ozokerite breathing oil (the word was formed from ozo - I smell also of keros - wax) and even delivered to Vatican. Its medicinal properties opened unexpectedly. As it often happens, in extreme conditions. In 1942 the Moscow professor Semyon Lepsky used ozokerite instead of paraffin for treatment of purulent wounds and inflammatory processes. Since then the ozokeritoterapiya is widely applied in medicine in the form of applications at bronchitis, arthrosis, prostatitis, periodontosis and even infertility.

One more component of an elixir of life - medical " salt; Barbara which is received from hloridno - sulfatno - a sodium brine with a mineralization of 400 g / cubic dm. It is appointed at chronic diseases of a liver, gall bladder, intestines, oporno - the motive device and nervous system. Now " salt; Barbara which was on sale in each drugstore earlier, and then disappeared, in an arsenal of doctors again.

Since 1892 Truskavets passed into collective property, and new owners, misters Sapega and Zholtovsky, set the object - to raise resort level to the European. However the real blossoming began since 1911 when the joint-stock company was headed by Raymond Yarosh. The railroad was paved, country houses and the building of the station are constructed, the electrical equipment is installed. By 1931 in Truskavets there were already 3000 inhabitants, and more than 15 thousand came to rest. The following fifty years brought it glory of one of the most prestigious resorts of the Soviet Union. Nearly 500 million rubles - money huge for those times were invested in its economy. Truskavets became an all-Union health resort, and annually in sanatoria and boarding houses had a rest to 170 thousand people, apart from those who came savage .

In ona times in free flight in Truskavets about 45 thousand vacationers at the same time stayed. The comprehensive plan of development in which everything was counted and considered was developed: how many policlinics (and they were three, working in shifts) and how many physicians (more than 1000 doctors and 3,5 thousand medical staff) are necessary for service of such number of sufferers.

Enduring an economic crisis 90 - x years, the best balneological resort of Ukraine did not become the worst. People, rather provided, having done a bit of traveling on evropa, understood that in Truskavets it is possible to have a rest perfectly and, the main thing, cheap too. To the truskavchena, understanding that on one traditions and achievements of domestic medicine far you will not leave, began to look for the new propeller. Other times came, and Makropulos`s means demanded a warming up.

For a start made the plan, defined the directions of resort business: organization of high-quality trade services (cafe, bars, shops); construction of comfortable boarding houses on 50 - 70 places; reconstruction of rooms of the improved planning in big sanatoria; organization of small tourism (travel to mountains in the summer and in the winter, visit of theaters and museums of Lviv); construction of pools, gyms and platforms; the most modern medical services.

All - from the mayor to the journalist - understand that the industry of tourism means not just developed infrastructure. It is the whole complex of services including the words conveniently comfortably qualitatively and still everything that the soul will wish. Fashionable word infrastructure you will not entice the tourist, give him not only good roads, modern communications, well-planned territories, but also entertainments. People want to have a rest beautifully. That the soul was developed and was curtailed not soon. And for a small payment. The city authorities understand it.

For truskavchan, in love with the city, crowds of vacationers would have to seem hordes of barbarians. By no means. At locals in 176 years the resistant syndrome of hospitality was developed. It is their main sight - to show consideration for people and it is hospitable, shchiro (very suitable Ukrainian word which is difficult translated to other languages). They really are ill for the city though this word not quite is suitable for the resort.